Wealthy Affiliate – The Right Place To Start Any Online Venture From Scratch With And Without Money

You made it here,  welcome back,  lets waste no time and start the ultimate online business journey, I promise if you are serious about this you’ll be a complete different person in a few months from now.

Wealthy Affiliate, the way to Solid online Businesses

You are online browsing for some kind of an opportunity and along comes the name what is wealthy affiliate?“Wealthy Affiliate” and how ethical & good this thing is, the first thing that comes to your head is… What is Wealthy Affiliate?… Is it a scam like most programs out there? What is wealthy Affiliate All about? And the questions keep coming & coming.

By the end of this post and if you go through with this,  I’m very positive your life will never be the same and there’ll be no turn back, don’t worry about money you are going to start FREE.

Sorry for the long post,  but there is no other way to describe a life changing opportunity in just a few words.  I’m very sure you do understand and appreciate the time and efforts I spent to give you the clear picture about venturing online before spending a dime of your hard earned money.

Are you ready?

I was told by many that this to be the most comprehensive coverage for Wealthy Affiliate they ever came across. So, tighten your seatbelt, have your cup of coffee or favorite drink next to you,  and get ready because I am going to flip this place inside out until you become very familiar with the smallest to the biggest detail about “Wealthy Affiliate or Wealthy Affiliate university” as it is called sometimes.

At some point in my life I came to  the conclusion that the only way to make a solid income online is to work my butt off.  Wealthy Affiliate is one of the few programs that will show you just that, which I will explain more in this review.

Here you’ll find no push button software and no secret formula to making thousands of dollars online in auto pilot while asleep,  and that is something I had to learn the very hard way.

The very hard work paid off and I finally can say that I make money online and I work completely from home.

Thanks much to this program right here!

My WA review here is not to glorify or bash Wealthy Affiliate, but to give you the facts and explain to you exactly how I was able to create success with this and how you can do the same.

Name Of company Wealthy Affiliate – Wealthy Affiliate University

Website Address – www.wealthyaffiliate.com

Year Established – 2005

Owners – Kyle & Karson

What is wealthy affiliate-is wealthy affiliate a scam

Business Nature – Teaching online business building, creating Websites, Affiliate marketing opportunity, Domain name Registry, website hosting and many more.

Is wealthy affiliate a scam

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

From my own experience being at wealthy Affiliate during the past 3 years,  I would describe it as a small university run by 2 brilliant owners and over 20,000 members,  all work as one community in helping fellow members in getting precisely what they need to know and learn about venturing for an online business.

No matter what training you need or something you want to know for your online venture,  it’ll all here in one place. Let it be a website that you want to build with all the skills needed, a domain you want to buy as your website, a hosting for your website,  A keyword research tool and the necessary education to rank your website on Google’s first pages (SEO)…

Or May be You want to know The skills and the know how to write your articles & posts, a basic HTML you may want to learn an affiliate program that you want to promote, this can be Wealthy Affiliate itself. I can go on forever and the list may never never end, and it’s all here under your disposal in one single place.

Let me Clarify some more Before Going Deeper

Wealthy Affiliate is not…

A Get Rich Quick Scheme- I don’t think this program will be good for anyone running after empty promises. Here,  you will learn how to build a business from the ground up that will make money over time as you slowly going along building your business.

No Empty Promises- Most make money online opportunities focus on how much money you can make when you join while the should be focusing on providing you with quality training on how to actually make money online instead. There is no such thing as a guarantee of how much money you will make as this all depends on how much time and work you invest.

Not an MLM or a pyramid scheme program- Most money making opportunity programs focus on recruiting other people into a pyramid scheme or is set up in an MLM .  Almost at all times you are required to recruit other people in order to make money. With Wealthy Affiliate, you won’t be needing to recruit anyone to make money. The truth is you are encouraged to build a website based on your hobbies or interests that is called (a Niche) in the online world.

No Upsells- Unlike most other programs online, you’ll find zero upsells once you decide to Become A Premium Member. The price you are told is the price you pay. NOTHING MORE!

A Spam Free Atmosphere- Once you join, you ever try to spam inside the community, take my words and warning, “you aren’t going to be welcomed at WA”. There is that zero tolerance policy for spammers. You’ll be warned and if you ignore you will be kicked in the butt. They simply want this place clean, Do you blame them?

What Is There For You? I’m In Now!

Unlike these other “opportunities” that require you to sell the same product you just bought, you won’t be doing that here. Finally.

This time, instead of trying to at least break even and get someone to signup under you, you will be creating your own Empire and not trying to make other people rich either.

This is one of the few “opportunities” out there that you can say you are really your own boss now. Even with the MLM programs, there is still someone above you that you make money for, so you can’t say you work for just yourself here.

But With Wealthy Affiliate, you will be creating your own website and promoting these Affiliate products and gain a commission for your hard work.

The concept of making money online is really that simple, but the techniques that are taught here is what makes this program truly amazing.

The concept of making money online

What Is Wealthy Affiliate- Review-Is Wealthy Affiliate Scam Or Legit?

Choose a niche – (Make sure this is Something you love).

This can be anything you are passionate about and has some market, and yes you can make money with something that you are already love, AGAIN I want stress on something you love because if you choose other things that you are not interested in for the sake of money,  it will be very easy to give up if things don’t get your way faster enough.

Build a website

Don’t let this part discourage you because it is not the year 2000. No more dealing with crazy HTML or yoyo computer codes,  so now you can have a website up and running in no time. Thanks for amazing new website building platform “WordPress”. That WA runs on.

See how easy it is right here

Traffic Generation –

This is where you will learn how to get visitors to your website. This part is probably the most important and you will be mentored by the best in the business. Kyle & Karson are doing a grate job on this and leaving a trail of very satisfied members.

The exciting part- Monetizing

what is wealthy affiliate?

This has been always the fun part and what we all came to do business for in the first place. You will be taught how to add affiliate products, how to advertise and so many other vital information which in turn will make you money. Cheers

I was totally amazed myself and so will be you at how simple, yet very profitable this business model is and also how I managed to do things I never thought possible.

The training here made in simple English and so easy to understand, I’m sure you will get so excited knowing that you can actually do things you never thought possible.

Kyle and Karson did truly amazing job in making these trainings so easy to understand, This is the smart way to do things especially when you are intelligent enough to understand that you are mentoring the public that came from all sorts of education levels. And may be this is part of the reason that Wealthy Affiliate is getting greater and more popular by the day.

A few Of The Many Things I Like About Wealthy Affiliate

Below are some of the things that really make this program stands out from the rest of the pack, unless you come up with something even close to similar to what these fellows are doing.

  • Website hosting and domain registering all in one place. for a premium member you don’t have to pay for hosting regardless to the number of your website. I have 7 myself.
  • Free trial, (no credit card required) you never have to be a premium member to keep your 2 free websites fully working forever
  • Easy to follow training videos and tutorials
  • One on one member support
  • Spam free environment (no promoting of other “biz ops”) as mentioned earlier
  • 24/7 support & very swift responses
  • Live chat even with the owners
  • Access to online millionaires
  • Access to thousands of successful fellow marketers
  • 2 Free websites as mentioned above
  • No cold calling
  • No recruiting
  • Access to a free keyword research tool
  • Access to a rapid and a pro article writer
  • No face to face selling
  • Will make you money online
  • No up-sells (No one likes this)
  • This is your own business that you’re in
  • You will never get scammed again online if you are a Premium member at Wealthy Affiliate, the training here and I can assure you of that.
  • A free yearly visit to Las Vegas hanging out with the owners and the elite if you can make a 300 sales when you choose WA as your niche to promote

I can sit here I write about this forever, I hope I’m not boring you and you’re excited instead.

There is so many programs out there who claim to be free, just to have a buy now page waiting for you on the other end, but there’s no need to worry here, because you can signup to Wealthy Affiliate for free.

The owners here (Kyle & Carson) are so confident about their famous say “Try before you buy”  yes,  they are willing to let you try their program absolutely free no strings attached. You won’t find this anywhere else, even when they claim to be free.

Is This The Right Program For You?

It all depends on your direction and what you would like to accomplish. This program is suitable for about any opportunity seeker out there regardless to your age or education level. Everyone can benefit from becoming a member of this online PROGRAM.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Targeted Audiences That Could Benefit From This Program

  • Minimum Wage Workers – Those who are sick and tired of the status quo and boost their income to make ends meet
  • College Students – There is no better way for a collage student to make extra money than hanging on this program
  • Unemployed folks – Why looking for another job when you can be your own boss and no one to push you around anymore.
  • Stay At Home Moms – Why feel bored when you can grab such program and make money may be even more than your husband can bring
  • Current Online Business Owners – There always something for you here to learn and increase your sales and earnings
  • Retired Folks – To many retired folks the money they receive is never enough, grab your laptop and join WA and scream your way to you financial freedom
  • People On Disability – Don’t think no longer about your bad luck in this life, thanks to the internet, now everyone is equal, jump on your laptop and zoom here, say goodbye to the unfortunate bad times and lets start the good one, your presence here will have a big positive impact on many others
  • Young crowed/ Teenagers – Finally this is away to pay for your Ice cream Sundays and you smartphone bills. woo, your dad will be happy for sure
  • And the list goes on…

As you can see, WA is a good fit for just about anyone who needs to make more money online or offline. Let’s face it, I think we could all use more money don’t we? I know that I can, can’t you too?.

The honest truth is that It takes a whole lot more than just wanting to make money, you need to also be self motivated and be willing to put in the time and effort to make this happen. This System will teach you all you need to know to build a thriving online business, but at the end of the day you are the one to decide if you will become successful with it or not.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Really  Different? If So Why?

What Is Wealthy Affiliate- Review-Is Wealthy Affiliate Scam Or Legit?

My Wealthy Affiliate Profile

With what else can I describe a program that created so many successful online marketers (Including myself).

Trust me, I know of many great training programs out there but people still can make little or no money at all with them.

Why is that you may ask?

Well it’s really very simple and I think this is also the reason why WA creates winners.

It’s all about help

It is nothing more than the level of help there! I have not come across any other program with a very involved community that helps each other with anything and everything more than wealthy Affiliate.

And the good thing here, is that there is no competing with one another, because everyone’s business is built around a specific niche.

On top of the very active forum there,  there is a live chat feature that you can jump on if you need simple questions answered immediately and 24/7. You can find Kyle or Carson on there from time to time ready to answer any questions you may have to throw.

You can always contact other members as well as the owners through their Private message feature. I have helped many members through this and I can do the same for you.  Checkout my WA profile here .

What some have to say when tasting success

Even Though I can sit here and tell you how other people are doing at WA, I think it’s a lot better if you can see this yourself. Not only have I succeeded dramatically here, but so have many others that were struggling to make something out of the online community.

what is wealthy affiliate?

Want to see more WA reviews?

Countries Banned From Joining WA Free Starter Membership

There are a few countries that are banned from joining the FREE Starter Membership at WA due to the high percentage of fraud that comes out of these countries.

  • Somalia
  • Nigeria
  • India
  • Philippines
  • Vietnam
  • Pakistan
  • Nigeria

This ban only affects the Starter Membership and if you happen to live in one of the countries I’ve listed above, you would have to Join As A Premium Member to gain access the full WA benefits.

The Training Available For You

-weekly & live training webinars based on different topics related to online business every Friday evening.

-Five training courses, more will be added in the near future.

-14 interactive classrooms that cover a wide variety of topics related to online business and creating successful websites

-Text-based training as well as Video training,  so no matter what your convenient style of learning is you are covered.

-A 7 part Affiliate Boot camp training series that shows you how to build an authority website. This training series also comes with a few greate incentives for those who work hard and take action on what they learn.

-100’s of other video and text-based tutorials on anything related to internet marketing.


Now That I Joined, What Tools Do I Get?

When you join WA you will gain instant access to some of the highest quality tools available online.

Here Are 6 of the most important Tools You Will Be Provided With: 

  1. The site basic keywords research tool
  2. 24 Fully Functional  Websites Hosted On The Siterubix Network
  3. 30 Free keyword Searches From Jaaxy Keyword Research tool – This is the pride of wealthy affiliate and can truly make the difference a website success or failure
  4. Top notch High Speed Hosting For Up To 25 websites reserved for you
  5. 4 Click Website Builder- Have Your ever heard of w Website Up & Running in 4 easy clicks? Now it’s possible with this amazing blazing website builder
  6. The WA Rapid Writer- This Tool is ideal for website posts, it Will Help You Write Articles & Track Your Keyword Density essential for SEO ranking
  7. A Complete Access To WA’s New Site Manager. This tool Provides you with Up To The Minute Details  About Your allover Website’s Health

what is wealthy affiliate?

As you will see below their website platform is powerful and covers every aspect that you could possibly need when building a website.

Smarter affiliates.com

At WA hosting unlike any other webhosting sites, you will be provided with very important analytic reports concerning you site health which enables you to know which part of your website needed your most attention,  this alone can dramatically contribute to your website success.

Some of these alerts will include:

  • Website Feedback
  • Publishing Frequency – The more you publish your content, the more up to date your site will be. This will contribute to a better user experience, and better rankings.
  • Content Quality & Variety
  • Google Ranked – Has your site ranked at Google?
  • Visitor Engagement (Comments) Very important element for ranking & Trust
  • Your Engagement With Visitors – Another important element for site ranking
  • Plugins – Too many plugins may slow down your website being loaded
  • Site Trust – as times go by, your site will become more & more of a trustful site that attracts more visitors and better ranking.


How Much Does It Cost To Become A Member Of This Unique Community

 Starter Membership

Ideal For Beginners

This Free membership includes…

  • Access to everything in your first week
  • 2 Free Websites – hosted as Subdomain on siterubix.com
  • Level 1 Of The Online Entrepreneur Certification Training
  • Access To The First 3 Classrooms
  • Your First week Of Premium Support

get started today

what is wealthy affiliate?

Premium Membership – 

Ideal For Serious people who want get somewhere

This membership includes…

  • A hosting of up to 25 Websites you own with a Secure High-Speed Hosting
  • Unlimited Keyword Searches using site keywords search tool
  • Unlimited Private Messaging
  • All  Levels + Future Levels Of The Online Entrepreneur Certification Training
  • Access To All Classrooms
  • Live Video Classes Every Friday Evening
  • Unlimited Premium Help And Support
  • Unlimited 1-on-1 Coaching & support
  • Website Security Pack

go premium today

Yearly Membership

Ideal for smart ones who want to save


This membership includes

  • You will save $205 Compared To The Monthly Membership
  • That comes to 98 cents a day
  • Monthly Fees is history
  • Enables you to Focus More On Your Business Over Monthly Payments
  • Ideal For those Who Think ahead
  • Don’t we all love To Save Money

go yearly and save big


What’s The Earning Potential With This System?

People had and have been driving me crazy with this question and I simply tell them that there is no straight forward answer to this question. You will be rewarded in accordance with what you put into it.

If you follow the training, ask questions, stay determined, and devote as much time as you possibly can to building your business, then,  the sky is the limit as to how much money you could potentially be making.

The good news here is that you are provided with all the tools needed to build a baseball stadium,  all you need to do is to invest in yourself, avoid making excuses because this is your worst enemy to success, stay away from negative people and negative thoughts that leads you to no where but dead end streets, take action and start believe in yourself.

If you can’t help yourself there is no magic hands to come for the rescue, come on, act like a pro. Success will make you feel far more better about yourself and your future & stability, so many people are attracted to successful pros, be one, be the ideal to follow, Delaying the best thing that can happen in your life may negatively impact no one but yourself. Never let others take what could have been yours!

There are many people who have been able to quit their job within a few months and they are now earning a full time income from taking action on the training at here. I’m not the one that like to brag, but at least let me show you a couple of the commissions I earned for my hard work just to show you a taste of what is awaiting you.


This is the cream of spending about 3-5 hours a day working on my websites and I’m making more than a full time income if compared with those boring 9 to 5 jobs.

I want you to Just think of how much money I could earn if I worked on this full time and spend 40, 50 or 60  hours a week!! May you’ll ask then why don’t I do just that? I truly have problems with my eyes when looking for too long at computers or TV screens, excessive exposure caused me a lot of head pressure, sever headache, and Sinus problems, I guess I’m not the luckiest man on earth by at least I keep trying and life goes on.

As I mentioned above, the earning potential is unlimited and I think you will shock and surprise yourself as to how much money you really can earn if you simply put your mind to this and it take a serious action on the comprehensive training here At WA.

What Makes This Opportunity So Different?

what is wealthy affiliate?

Finally, Get Paid Doing Something You Love

Where is your passion in? Are you a computer junky or are you addicted to gaming or music like me? Maybe you love to groom dogs, cats, or go hunting. You could be passionate about traveling or maybe you are an antique seller. No matter what your passions are you can capitalize on them with a very successful money making website.

Can it be any better? If you enjoy what you do then it won’t be like work and I can tell you from experience that building websites is a whole new exciting game and fun. I literally learn something new every day still. You can sign up to be an affiliate for name brand companies like Amazon, Groupon, Target, Walmart, Best Buy, HP computers just to name a few.

try wealthy affiliate for free


There are over 3 billion people online everyday spending money? The only thing you have to do is to steer some of those people in the right direction by recommending products and services to them that they’re already about to purchase anyway.

And When a purchases occur you get paid a commission. And this is what affiliate marketing is all about. No inventory, no buying supplies, no rent to be paid, no shipping and handling, no getting up to drive 20 miles in icy storms.

No grumpy managers or bosses to look at first thing in the morning, no illness or disabilities standing in your way of employment to fear, no age discrimination, no boundaries to be confined to, no limit of time when to work, no fear of buying the extras you always wanted now,  that you are making serious money. The list of benefits of being in control of your own life can be a mile long.

I can imagine what all of this mean to many out there including myself.

Is Wealthy Affiliate A scam?

what is wealthy affiliate?

I won’t even let anyone venture into that territory, Wealthy Affiliate started in 2005 by 2 of the most kind and helpful people I’ve ever came across. Imagine I only start 3 years ago with WA members about 10,000, now they are over 25000.  Doesn’t that tell you something?  What would I still be doing here myself if this place is a scam ?

They even start you FOR FREE in the first place,  all you need is your email address to end up being a WA member with  2 free websites to invest,  and the full training needed even if you never upgrade to a paying member.

Look at how other opportunities come and go like wild cats, all they want from you is your wallet, the minute you log on to their sites is the minute when you get entangled and you don’t finish.

How many times did you enter an opportunity site for a specific price and as you tried to leave without a purchase, they locked you in offering you more discount, (down selling) and as you tried to leave again they locked you in one more tine offering you even a smaller price, and as your tried to leave for the third time they dropped the price even lower one more time.

I was Scammed by a site called “Success with Anthony”, his price was an initial $99.00 price tag, I turned it down and as I tried to leave he kept reducing the price till the $19 low. then I bought, I made a mistake by giving my phone, he unleashed his follow up vultures  on me the second day and if I had to listen I could have lost thousands of dollars to realize at the end that this was the scamiest site on earth.

Believe me if there was anything funny here I’ll be the first one to dump them, there is nothing here to fear, your start is free, you get free learning courses, no one is going to force you into anything, you’ll be amazed  with this wonderful helpful community that will never leave you struggling by yourself.

you can easily cancel your membership anytime you want, but one thing I’d love to tell you and that is once you there, and you see what’s happening, and you become part of it, and members start praising your help and work, and your ranking meter start to go up , when you cannot wait for the morning to pop to log on WA to read your stats, commissions, your new invited members count and so much more to enjoy.

All this becomes so exciting, so good toxic & addictive, you will never leave Wealthy Affiliate. I hardly see members leaving WA, and when they do, they come back faster than a supersonic jet, they feel as if they left a caring family, they feel a sense of loss.

 They seem to miss the help and support & attention they were getting, sometimes its not all about money, even when they became  ill they wrote something about it, in here its not all just about money, there are other priceless things to life than just money, if all you see is money take my words you will fail faster than they hang criminals in Texas.

What can Sam Help You With To Join & My Final Thoughts

I wish I was the owner here so I  can empty my bank account into yours and you don’t have to do nothing LOL.

I don’t think there is any other online opportunity offer more than WA does, the owners are kind and very helpful and have given the community priceless help and services hardly found or happen anywhere else.

Joining the starter membership is $0.  You can come back here and give me hell if you don’t like it (seriously).  Did I mention it was free?

Upon joining, I will be in touch with you within the first hour.  I want you to make me one promise however even if you decide not to premium join…that you will set-up your account.  It is simple and you will be walked through it upon joining.

This as I mentioned cost you nothing and entitles you to certain levels of trainings and 2 free websites. You’ll be treated as a premium member for full 7 days with access to everything there.

Bonus one

With my hands tight as a premium member only not the owner I can let you go through my links to have your premium membership slashed from $49 down to $19 for your first month, not too bad for a premium member to be able to do so, huh.

Take your savings of $30 for a nice dinner and celebrate Joining Wealthy Affiliate because a few months down the road you will never be the same again, all the lifestyle you have now will change of course into the better.

Plus you’ll be able to do things never thought possible. Imagine starting talking about website building, SEO, Google ranking, inviting your friends to your new website that you made with your own hands, all this is priceless to me.

I don’t want to go any further with this because I get too emotional and I can write forever, but I’m sure your got the clear message.

Bonus two

Exclusive access to a 3 part video training series by Kyle (Co-owner of WA)

With this bonus you will be able to learn

  • The Secrets of writing highly converting product review pages on your website
  • What an affiliate program is and where to find it
  • Where to apply for affiliate programs and how to make money with them


This bonus alone could cost you hundreds of dollars if you were to apply the techniques from these videos to your website. This offer is only valid for your first 7 days so don’t miss out on this! Hey, if I was the owner I would make this go for 21 days LOL.

You know my hands are tight, but for some reason I do have high hopes that I will see you there inside wealthy affiliate. Once you get in,  this is the face that will pop at you, I’m not that scary after all, I’m I ?

what is wealthy affiliate?

This picture was taken in a wedding of one of my previous co workers when I was still in the restaurant’s business. It did not look so bad so I said heck, let me use it for my profile here at WA a long with a couple of other pictures as you can see above.

The reason I’m mentioning all this is When you create your profile try to have a nice picture so you can impress your future customers not scare them away. I never was a suite and tie kanna guy,  but sometimes you got to do what you got to do I guess.

It’s always nice to look professional when you are conducting some kind of a business, for some reason people seem to trust you more when well dressed even in a photo.


try wealthy affiliate for free

So, Lets now recap the most important points of this review


The Wealthy Affiliate Review

-Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam? – Absolutely not

-Is it free to start? – Yes

-Any annoying upsells? – No

-Free websites? – Yes – 2

-Quality training? – Massive , all Types of Media

-Can I build a website? – yes, in minutes!

-Website Hosting? – Yes, state of the art, high speed

-Do I have to pay for hosting? – Not at all, you can host up to 25 websites all included with your premium membership fee.

-Domain name registration? – Yes, buy a domain in seconds then build your website right at the same page, how east things have gotten!

-Website health monitoring? – yes, latest technology applied

-Help & Support? – Yes,  24/7 – with many different tools

-Can I make money? – of course you can! Look at the little commission screen shot I showed you above.

-How much can I make? – without any exaggeration you can make up to one million dollars or more a year if you put the time and effort, I’m saying this because we have a few members here that are making millions such as

Kyle owner

Carson co,owner

what is wealthy affiliate?

Kyle & Carson

Jay Magistodios,- live training vidoes

What is wealthy affiliate

Jay Magistudios

Nathaniell – Just a brilliant member like you and me but worked harder than others.

what is wealthy affiliate?


Eddy Salmon

what is wealthy affiliate?

Eddy Salmon

And a few others, there are many others that make in between these numbers such as $200.000, $300.000, $350.000 and so on, they all meet in Vegas yearly since they keep exceeding the 300 sale mark yearly that get the free ride to Vegas.

I’m working very hard on this, can you imagine the feeling of being sent such an invitation and start hanging out with super affiliates and millionaire that you are now considered one of or closer to them. Yes, you will be given the super affiliate status by Kyle personally in the paid for Vegas trip and will be given a special medal to be proud of.

you have the chance to meet with them if you promote WA and manage 300 sales within 12 months, this is over $100.000.00 in commissions right into your pocket.

Are you excited to change your life once and for all, set up your free account, use a nice picture for your profile, jump on, lets start the journey together, there is nothing to loose, this won’t cost you a penny, you’ll be so glad you did.

If I can be of any further help to you please never hesitate to ask what you need, use the contact page above or the comment box below to contact me, I will reply to you as swiftly as possible.


try wealthy affiliate for free


Your Pal


An Affiliate Marketing How To guide – What’s Behind Affiliate Marketing Success?

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