What Is The wealthy affiliate? – a scam ? a legit?

Wealthy Affiliate Under The Microscope


What Is wealthy affiliate? scam or legit You may ask…

They call it…

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate University

Vancouver Canada - Wealthy Affiliate headquarters

Vancouver Canada – Wealthy Affiliate headquarters location

And Wealthy Affiliate training center

Whatever name you like from the above, be my guest and adopt it.

No matter how good, legit, or honest you are, people still want to know more about you especially when this is an online operated business, program, or establishment with money involved. Wealthy affiliate with it’s superb legitimacy and ethical behavior is no exception.

Establishing Of Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate was established in the year of 2005 by Kyle & Carson, 2 friends from Vancouver Canada.

Their aim is to provide assistance to those who have a passion (a niche) and wish to capitalize on using the power of the internet as the launching pad.

With very hard work, patience and dedication Wealthy Affiliate has reached an unprecedented levels of progress. From a few hundred members in 2005 to 25000 in 2016. Someone may ask what makes people keep joining Wealthy Affiliate with rising numbers month after month, year after year?

We all learnt that the best restaurants to eat at are the busy ones, that is for a reason, something is good going on there, it could be anything, but whatever that reason is,  it must be a good reason, may be good customer service, good tasting food, a welcoming owner, something is pulling the people in.

Can you imagine going some place like that and find yourself the only one sitting there? you may not stay or you may even loose your appetite. There is no difference with any business when compared with this example whether on or offline. The more and the happier the customer the better and the more trustful becomes the place.

Huge & Growing Community



So, for wealthy affiliate to compile 25000 loyal members including myself did not happen by sheer luck. This place has the most advanced learning tools ever seen anywhere in the internet.

And what strikes me the most is their willing to start you completely free with 2 websites and all the training needed to invest these sites and make money off them without one single catch. This is unheard of anywhere else, and if you see it, it has a Million catches or its a scam of some type. I’m very sure some of you did run through some of those lovely scams, so did I. I ,lost thousand of dollard to Don Lopre.

I wrote a very detailed review of Wealthy Affiliate that you should not miss if you are thinking about joining the program. If you do join, I’d love to tell you that this is truly a life turning point for anyone wishes his life to be seriously changed towards a brighter destination.

you can see the review here

Anything negative about Wealthy Affiliate?

No one is ever perfect, but as long as this has nothing to do with ethical or scamming issues, I can live with it.

1. Some Technical glitches

Wealthy affiliate has only a few short lived technical issues such as a few site glitches happens in a very small rate like logon glitches and other smaller problems,  but these are usually fixed at the speed of sound.

2.  Overwhelming amounts of information

Some can be overwhelmed with the amount of information provided inside Wealthy Affiliate. There is text lessons, videos, webinars, one on one, forums, private messaging, and many more channels of education.

Some new members don’t know which way to turn to. but if you take it easy and stick with what you are told to do, you’ll be fine and WA will look friendlier and friendlier as time goes by.

I rather have this problem than being fed old and worthless misleading information offered by many scammers out there. some of you know that the hard way right?  I learnt my lesson very hard.

3. High demand of sales to make it To Las Vegas to be given the super Affiliate title.

Wealthy Affiliate has a yearly Las Vegas Gathering with members who exceeds the 300 sales mark promoting WA program. I believe this is a very high number of sales to achieve even though the number of members exceeding this mark is rising from year to year, it’s my ultimate dream to get there and have such title by Kyle And Carson (owners).

I am working very hard on it And do appreciate if you register there through one of my links from this page and give you a big hug when we both make it and meet in Vegas one day as super Affiliates (Amen) Again I truly appreciate that.


Should I join Wealthy Affiliate?

I myself have been a WA member since the past 3 years, doing extremely well, when I joined I know nothing what so ever about the internet marketing, website building, or even what the term Affiliate mean?

When I look back 3 years ago I can’t believe how illiterate I was even though I ran a gift shop business for over a decade. This is a new exciting world to me and so addictive to a point where I forgot all my previous routines and life styles to this new world.

I don’t have to deal with customers face to face, this alone worth more than a million

is wealthy Affiliate a scam

The cat

dollars to me. You have to be in a physical business to appreciate this. I’m doing my work right this minute on my round table in the kitchen,  with a nice cup of coffee next to me and a beautiful wild cat that I feed in my backyard every time I feel I need a little break.

I don’t know where this cat came from but she befriended me last summer of 2015 and now I can’t not feed her, she is my only source of comfort whenever things don’t go my way. LOL, I got carried away talking about an alley cat, but they’re okay but pain in the ass sometimes.

Lets not forget about our subject here and yes, you should join Wealthy Affiliate, this is a 100% legit place, they even give you the chance to start fro free, No credit card needed at all, just sign in and join with your email address , and bam, you got 2 free websites and all the needed training and you’re on your way towards everyone’s biggest wish and that is to have some sense of security for our future and financial stability. It was this very wish that brought me here in the first place.

How much money can I make?

You know how many people keep asking this question? I’m going to give you a very short answer, yes there is money to be made or otherwise I won’t be here for years, but you have to work very hard on it, don’t pay any attention to what others might tell you, there is no easy money working online, you have to work your butt off!

You also have to be patient, it could takes months for your site to start brining money, but if you keep on it you will make it.

Every year a bunch of our members make it to Las Vegas , which means they have exceeded the 300 sales and money wise this is over &100.000 of residual income, there are also over 8 Wealthy Affiliate made Millionaires. Are you gonna be the next one, who know man? its a possibility when you join and will stay a dream if you keep procrastinating.

Hope the question of –  What Is The wealthy affiliate? scam? has been answered, and if you need any further help please write me in the comment box below or use the support page above. I’ll be more than glad to help you out.





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