What Is a Niche?- How To Find Yours?

Yes indeed! What is A Niche? and how to find yours? Well, A niche Is a Passion & Deep Love To A certain Topic or Hobby. Acting on your niche/niches when considering a career or a business whether this is on or offline,  can make a huge difference between your success or failure.

It is not that wise to pick something you’re not emotionally connected to Your Niches. You differ and chances of failure are way too high.

What Is a Niche? & How To Find Yours?

How can I pinpoint my niche?

Very easy,  “what is that single thing you do and make you the happiest?” we all like things, but there is always that one thing we love the most and stands out from the rest. As for me personally, I love marketing and look where I am, right here on my computer marketing.

Be wise with Your Pick

Like everyone else there are many things that I don’t really like, and there is no way I would consider them to be part of my promotional life in any way or shape,  regardless to high return or big rewards.  if I don’t like something, I simply dump it, I don’t cling to things for simple greed that may eventually lead to possible future failure.

Don’t get too emotional with the wrong stuff

I’ve seen many people jumping on the wrong things enticed by fake rewards and unrealistic returns – this is what I call falling to a (Scam),  and at the end as expected failure was awaiting. For sure you don’t want to make such mistake, especially when you are thinking of taking your niche and turning it into a thriving online business.

How can I research my niche?

Before taking your niches into the next level, you have some exciting homework to be done, and this is to make sure your niches has a market and that it appeals to more that just yourself.

There are many ways to do so and best of them is using Google instant first, to make sure people are searching for the term of your niche. You also have to make sure not to take on the broader market, what I mean with that is the following…

Lets suppose that your niche is in electronics and Sony in particular. Lets go to Google and use Google instant and see what happens. “Google instant” if you don’t know what this is yet,  is a feature that give you a drop down suggestions as you are trying to type a term into their search box, you’ll see it with the examples below.

So, let’s head to Google and do our research. And enter Sony in the search box

Just type in the word, do not hit enter, this drop down menu comes automatic.

what is a niche?

Sony by itself is a very broad market word, and because there are so many products associated with this name,  the competition can be very fierce. What we have to do here is narrow the search and lets look for Sony TV. this is our second choice.

what is a niche?

The more you narrow the search the lessor the competition

Now lets enter another letter after the word Sony, you can choose from letter A to Z. This is called the soup technique keyword research.

How about we enter Sony b and see what comes up, remember this is your research your niche can be anything and you use the same procedure no narrow down your niche for a lessor competition.

Now lets enter the word b After Sony and see what happens

what is a niche?

Lets say that you like the second choice as your niche Sony Bluetooth headphones. You can use the letters from A to Z to continue with your research


What’s in the screen shots above is not just Google suggestions, in fact, they are search terms of people searching for that particular product, that’s when you come in and herd those people to your website using that term as a your keyword. we’ll get to the keyword search later on this post.  Hook yourself with an affiliate company like amazon that sells this product. when set people purchase the product, you get commission, now do you see what I am getting at?

Next step

Okay, I  like the Sony Bluetooth headphone as my niches, what to do now?

Now we are going to grab this term and find a nice set of keyword for it with the highest traffic and the least competition possible. With lessor completion,  you will rank well on Google, And when you rank well in search engines your site will be seen, which leads to traffic, and in return results in more sales and success for you you and your site.

Now Keyword research

For this step you are going to need a dependable keyword research tool.  I’m a member of a brilliant keyword search tool called Jaaxy, you can learn more about this tool here, it is considered the most advanced keyword search tool online today.

Now things start to make more sense, doesn’t it, isn’t that exciting?

Let’s now go to JAAXY Research tool

Let’s see what she is about to tell us for our search, ready?

Usually the competition in keyword research is referred to as (QSR) or (Quoted search results). It is the best when you aim at QSR of lessor than 300, this way you have a better chance of being on the first pages of Google, and this will make the whole difference in the world.

Here is what Jaaxy has to say…

what is a niche?

Now Jaaxy has analyzed the term we searched for, gave us a few keywords for our niche that we could write about and rank well in search engines. It gave us the traffic, the QSR, and even gave green for what can be used and yellow or red for highly competitive keywords that you should avoid if you want to rank well and not waste your time. You can see the importance of a good keyword search tool, without one, you’ll be dancing in the dark.

A little quiz

Which keyword we should pick for our niche today?  base your answer on what your learnt above before you see the answer below.

Okay. You should have picked the one with the highest traffic and lowest QSR and that is

The #4 from the top is the winner, you can also make sense of all the green lighted one, choose the ones with the higher traffic & lower competition.

Now if you like all the reports of the keyword tool, and you are comfortable with everything above, Jaaxy has a feature were you can find if there is a domain available for this niche, a domain is a name of a website that you purchase, in our case here the domain name here will be… like this  www.SonyBluetoothheadphone.com.


Not all the time you’ll find the same exact match available, but the search tool will give you more suggestions or you can yourself try other possibilities and eventually you’ll settle for one you like.

One more thing about Jaaxy is that it will connect you to a web hosting in which you could have a website from nothing to a live kicking one in just few minutes, I repeat that, a website from scratch to live & kicking in a few mouse strokes… Exciting huh?

What is a niche?  – My Final thoughts

Now that you fully understood what a niche (niches) is, and may be you’ve been thinking of turning a passion of yours into a profitable reality, there is no better than taking this into the online world were billions of people are flocking looking to benefit from that passion and willing to pay you for it.

You remember the searches we did above, this is people searching for such niches because they are into the same passion you are in, and wanted to know  anything related to this passion even if there is related products they can buy.

Now don’t let these people go somewhere else, build a website, share your passion with them since they have the same exact passion like yours, sell them related products and make money off them.

How can I start even if I have no money?

Here is the best place to start such passions, it’s is where I started myself, you can start free, get 2 free websites, free basic training enough to start and put you online, not bad for zero money huh?  check it here

what is a niche?

If an ex dishwasher like me can do this can’t you?

And may be later,  once you have the feel of everything,  you may want to push your project even further and have your own website, turn to a premium, get more benefits, expand your operation, rake the money, this exactly what I did.

What I like about here, is the honesty, the spam free environment, over i million members willing to help you in your journey, the convenience of having all your domain name, website hosting, and the training all in one place.

Best of all The Free start including 2 websites and all the necessary training needed, it would be crazy not to give this a shot when taking in consideration that most programs out there are scams. I’m sure many of you tastes some of these scams. I tasted a few myself.

Check it here for more information or to join

Hope this was helpful to explaining what is a niches or niche is. If I can be of any further help please let me know, use the comment box below or the support page above for a swift help.


-Sam Ammouri

sam ammouri - site owner


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