serious Income Promoting Wealthy Affiliate

The serious income promoting wealthy Affiliate program is very enticing to many folks especially those who love to spend 3 free days in Vegas and make a ton of money  ! Have you ever thought of taking advantage of this opportunity as your online business? Can you imagine what you’ll be making monthly if you join this opportunity and take it seriously! Many folks are just doing so!

A true professional training

This is  A professional affiliate training that fits every niche! The training here is free and If you are passionate about helping other people and you would like to get involved in the make money online marketing niche, you can definitely benefit from this program.

This is one of the smarter ways to build up a nice recurring residual income. If you have got the drive & passion, and the motivation to succeed you will generate some serious money and lots of fun in the process that goes with it .

serious income Promoting Wealthy Affiliate program

Serious Income Promoting Wealthy Affiliate program

Join The WA Affiliate Boot camp today

I started here 2013 years ago

When I first started the boot camp just a back in 2013 I had no idea I would be this successful and be able to grow my business by as much as I have in a years time. I had no knowledge of how websites were made or anything about online marketing or even the word affiliate, and I caught on pretty fast.

Anyone who has a passion for helping others and would like to make lots of money in the process will benefit from this unique program.

There is a reason it’s called “Boot Camp”

This is not easy work and you will need to work really hard at this. And if you are one of those who still believe in making millions in the internet over a night then please exit this site right now and go get scammed somewhere else, this site is not for you.

Making thousands or millions in auto pilot over a night is not a good idea! – Please take it off your head forever!…

Forget about the auto pilot and the countless thousands you’ll be making over a night, it takes only a scammer to tell you something like this. But Trust me when I say that hard work pays off. Besides getting paid nice commissions, there are a few other incentives for you to work towards I’ll be addressing.

Overview Of Wealthy Affiliate Boot Camp Training

When you join wealthy Affiliate Boot Camp training you will be starting a website that will be promoting WA. You are given step by step daily tasks that you will need to complete each day. This training is designed so that you can take your time with each lesson and check them off as you complete them.

There are currently 7 phases so far with another 6 scheduled to be released sometime this year. There are 10 lessons in each phase. More phases will be added later on.

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Is There Any Training Or Tools To Get Me Started?

When you join as a FREE member you will have access to the first phase in this ongoing training series. This way you can test it out and see if you like it before you invest any money into further training courses.

There are a total of 7 phases currently available with 6 more phases on their way in the near future.

Each phase is broken down into a 10 day course and you should take your time going through each lesson. At the end of each lesson you will have a few tasks you will need to complete before moving on to the next one.

To unlock the other 5 phases (Plus all future phases) you will need a premium membership. It will be pretty hard for you to tell other people what’s included in the premium membership if you aren’t a premium member yourself. Plus the fact that it is very natural to advance forward when you become successful and overgrow your current size.

Do I get Any Tools When I Join?

When joining Wealthy Affiliate Boot Camp Training You’ll be provided with 2 Free websites to get you started but I would highly suggest that you buy your own domain if you want to attain maximum results with this program. You will also get 30 FREE searches with my #1 keyword research tool

Access to Rapid Writer- This tool will keep track of your keyword density and save you the hassle of trying to track all this by yourself. If you want high rankings in Google this information is vital to your success online.

3 sources of income coming from promoting 1 single program!

How cool is that! You will learn how to make money and get paid from three programs at once. I will explain how all of this works below as well as show you the difference in commissions in the FREE VS Premium business model.

There are 2 levels to the compensation plan the FREE level and the paid level. Check out the chart below:

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Help and support

As soon as you join you will get a personal welcome message from me within your first hour. I will be your mentor and guide, if you have any questions at all please let me know. Starter members will get their first 7 days of FREE premium help and support as well as access to our 24/7 live chat. This is where you can get your questions answered live by other experts in the internet marketing field.


This article is in response to a few of you who asked if there is actually a  serious income promoting Wealthy Affiliate program by joining The WA affiliate Boot camp! just join and get in the act and you’ll see that for yourself if you do your homework.

The serious income promoting wealthy Affiliate program

Kyle and Carson pictured at right will be your affiliate managers. If you have any questions about payments, credits, leads or anything they will take care of it for you. You can usually find them in live chat a couple times a day helping people out and answering questions.

Kyle & Carson - owners

Kyle & Carson – owners

If you have any other questions I will be there to answer them for you and help you get started.

Any Incentives Are There For Working Hard?

I mentioned above that if you work really hard at this it would pay off. I wanted to save the best for last but I’m so excited about this that I can’t hold it in any longer. If you really work hard at this and devote lots of time to this you will be rewarded for your hard work.

A magic with 300 sales

Serious Income Promoting Wealthy Affiliate Program

If you manage to get 300 sales in a year you will get a 3 day 3 night all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas Nevada!!

This includes:

  • Flight expenses paid Up to a certain amount
  • 5 star hotel suite fully paid for you and a guest
  • A high end WA swag package(Full of goodies)
  • 3 day Super Affiliate conference
  • The chance to meet and hang out with other highly successful affiliate marketers
  • 2 hour private meeting with Kyle and Carson
  • Amazing Vegas Shows
  • A hot night on the town and enjoy a little gambling while you are there
  • And so much more that I can’t even list here

General look at this unique opportunity?


  • Starter beginner members can Earn 25% commission
  • Premium members earn 50% commission
  • A great way to build up a solid residual income
  • Large commissions up to $200 per sale
  • Create 3 solid income streams by promoting 1 affiliate program
  • Extensive hands on training program that shows you how to build an authority site
  • Earn a FREE trip to Las Vegas
  • Unlimited marketing potential
  • Lifetime cookies(You get credit for the sale if it’s tomorrow or next year)
  • Great and awesome affiliate manager

Your market potential is Unlimited


How many people can you think of that would like to make more money and do it in the comfort of their own home? Just about everyone that I know could use some extra money. Do you guys see what I’m getting at here? The potential is unlimited when it comes to the make money online niche.

The only bad thing about this niche is that it’s flooded with get rich quick schemes This is what has given internet marketing a bad name and people naturally think everything out there is a scam.

Here are just a few of the many groups of people you can target

  1. College students looking to make extra money
  2. People who are working a minimum wage job and looking for a way out
  3. Unemployed people
  4. People who hate their job
  5. People who are retired and want to make extra money
  6. people who are disabled and can’t work
  7. Local businesses that don’t even have a website
  8. Stay at home moms and dads
  9. People looking for ways to build a solid residual income
  10. Entrepreneur’s looking for an extra income stream

These are just a few examples that came to mind and there are thousands possibly millions of people out there who would like to make more money. Finding the right targeted audience and learning how to market to them the right way is going to be your key to success.

And this is the great thing about Wealthy Affiliate Boot camp training , it’ll help you fully learn how to target the right crowed and make lots of money off them.

final words 

Yes, there is Serious Income in Promoting Wealthy Affiliate Program!

Wealthy Affiliate Boot Camp training has literally changed my life in so many ways. I have learned things that I never thought I would ever learn. Not only has it helped me out financially in a big way, it has also helped me with my people skills and I learn something new every day.

I would recommend anyone who is looking for a way to make money online to definitely check out the Boot Camp and everything it has to offer. And yes! there is Serious Income Promoting Wealthy Affiliate By Joining The WA Affiliate Boot camp!

If you have any questions about this or need a hand getting everything setup let me know and I would love to help you out. Leave your comments, questions or any feedback on this below.

Let’s Get Rolling with the Boot Camp

Click here to enroll in  today!!

I hope this article about The serious income promoting wealthy Affiliate program will find it’s way to your future and if it does just take it seriously that’ all it takes for a bright future.

If you need any help regarding this life changing boot camp please feel free to write me all your questions below for a very swift answer 


Your pal –

Sam Ammouri

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