Selling & Buying websites – How This Is Done?

How To Sell Or Buy  A Website? The Facts To Look At

Buyers are willing to pay multiples of the earnings of a website they acquire. For example: a website making $300,000 a year may be valued at a 1x multiple, to be sold at the same 300k. If the multiple offered is 2x, the site will be sold at $600,000.Selling and Buying websites - How This Done

The more information you can provide to potential buyers the better. Statistics are especially important to most buyers and if they don’t ask you for certain numbers then I don’t think they don’t know what they are doing and are probably not even interested. You should prepare at least this information:

Such facts is usually determined by the amount of risk involved, so the higher the risk lower the multiples.

  • The amount of traffic it generates
  • The income it generates
  • The length of time is has been generating that amount
  • The number of revenue streams it promotes,
  • The number of automated systems in place


Other Important factors to reveal

  • Your website’s history
  • The reason for selling your website
  • What your site offers to the new owner
  • The current financial and future potential

And any other important information you may be asked to provide. Don’t give away your asking price up front but certainly make note of the important factors, such as traffic figures and if your website is profitable.


Finding a buyer

When looking for a buyer you should always approach those that will understand the value of your site because they will be the easiest to sell to. (they won’t need to be “taught” about your marketplace). Plus the fact that they are the ones most likely to be the most excited about the prospect because they already sell to the same target market and you will be bringing them a lot of potential new traffic.

Where can I find a buyer?

Do just like what you’d do when selling anything, place it in your local papers, in forums, advertise it for sale on your own website, There is also a site specialized in website estimates and sales called where you can easily place your site for sale. Don’t be surprised with the amounts of feed backs you’ll get and in a few months down the road you will sell that site.


When finalizing the details of the sale I suggest you keep this in mind:

Websites and the Web business in general is a complicated operation and there are a lot of web tools that you might be using and have even forgot about. Don’t forget the web hosting, domain names, the auto responders, the mailing lists, the software, plugins, the subscriptions, the paid directory listings and any other host element that might be used by your web business of which you need to transfer to the new owner.

Selling & Buying websites – My thoughts

The internet has opened a new horizon of opportunities to everyone regardless to the level of skills or educational background. If you can learn then the skies are the limits for your achievement potentials.

I am a premium member at Wealthy Affiliate since 2013 and have come a long way since then. Can you imagine that I truly had no clue what so ever about websites or online marketing,  to building 17 websites with my own hands of which 13 of them are very profitable and I’m working hard on the other 4 to profitability reach profitability levels.

Can you imagine placing all these sites for sale what kind of money can be made? I will at the right time.

I’ve seen many members who sold their sites after a short period of time from $50000 to $125000. not too bad for something that cost a few dollars to build. If you like the idea of taking a passion you have and turn it to a profitable business I have the right place for  your start with 2 free websites including all the needed training. It’s worth looking at, this could be the moment you always looked for.

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