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By Sam Ammouri


The Start Of Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate was established in 2005 by 2 young brilliant Canadian Collage student entrepreneurs name Kyle & Carson who sought a future in the internet revolution during the late 90’s and early 2000.

join wealthy affiliate free

kyle and carson

Wealthy affiliate offers massive online training for the many thousands like yourself who are seeking to have a piece of this booming online markets pie. There are 4 billion internet users who flock the internet daily seeking products and information whom you cam help and make money on the process.

A Chance To Capitalize on your Passion

If you have a passion (Niche, niches) for something no matter what that could be and want to capitalize on this and turn it into a profitable business, there is no better than the internet to make your move.

With low or no investment, the internet is becoming an ideal playground for everyone wish to take advantage of what they love and start earning money off it.

As technology advanced more and more and the technical aspects of things such as building websites is becoming easier and easier, the numbers of people seeking such opportunities has dramatically increased from millions to hundreds of millions.

There is no better time to start, online business is booming year after years, new millions are joining the internet by the month, countless retailors are popping from all over the world daily, make your move too, have a piece of this pie, if you don’t someone else will take your place.

Wealthy Affiliate Free Training – Paid Training

Wealthy Affiliate offers lessons, webinars, Video and other ways of training that is capable to take anyone of any skill level and transform them into an online pioneers.

To make it easy for the unfortunate ones with tight budgets Wealthy Affiliate created a free starter membership with 2 free website and a lever of training enough for you to run your business at top professional levels.

Not bad for a complete free huh?

I myself joined the free membership and took advantage of the 2 free websites. I sell citizen watches in one and cameras in the other. you can easily do that by joining the Amazon affiliate program. As a matter of fact, you can visit my 2 free websites and see what I did at a closer look.

Waste no time

Visit my 2 free websites given below & See what you can do.  If you have not started yet, rush and dot IT now, waste no more time, don’t worry , you won’t pay not even a penny. This is a chance given to you by wealthy Affiliate to start free, take advantage of it.

Here are my 2 free websites. visit them, in a few weeks from now you could have the same or may be even better, I don’t know what your niche is, whatever it is, go and capitalize on it.

First site –

Second site –

These websites as you can see are hosted at Wealthy Affiliate hosting center of

So, Is Wealthy Affiliate FREE You May Ask?

Yes, You can start free, and keep it free with 2 free websites, “did you visit mine above yet?”  and the first level of training, you can stay free for as long as you wish, no one is going to bother YOU.  You can always upgrade to premium when you start to experience more and more success and wish to take your achievements to a new profitable levels.

What do I need to join Wealth Affiliate?

You need nothing other than you email to be able to communicate with WA. So, keep your wallet closed, in here owners and members together are more interested in giving you a chance so start more than dipping into you wallet like most other vultures and scammy guru sites out there.

We are normal down to earth community that will stand behind you till you succeed. We are not expensive sport cars flashers or work from rented fake palaces and rented strip club models girls to entice you into a scam.

This is the real world and the real deal buddy, people who vowed and want to help you to the end. There are more than 25.000 members here at WA and increasing by the day. Doesn’t this large increasing number of loyal members tell you something?

Once there you’ll be wondering what took you so long.

The training you’ll get with a free starter membership?

Join Wealthy Affiliate Free

Join Wealthy Affiliate Free – Nothing To Loose – Everything To Gain – My Thoughts

If you are truly thinking about taking your passion into the next level and start making serious money off it, there no better place that the internet to start and no better launching pad than Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is giving you the chance to start with no money at all, take my words there is nothing to pay or something to loose. This is your time and your chance that is handed to you by 2 good hearted entrepreneurs Kyle & Carson.

The internet is sizzling with markets, buyers and opportunities, leave your mark, I did mine already. Don’t let the fast train go past you, it’ll be very hard to catch up to it later.

Join Wealthy Affiliate free and act on your passion today. Nothing to loose & everything to gain.

If you need any further help please leave me your questions in the comment box below or use the support page above for my swift answer.





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