How To Succeed online marketing

How To Succeed Online Marketing – Even With a Dry Budget!

How To Succeeding Online Marketing Even With a Dry Budget!How To Succeed online marketing Is a question that keeps haunting countless people who sought and online venture but their hands are too tight with a very tight squeezed budget. Whether you are the average guy like myself that decided to make a change to his/her life, or a business owner who came to the conclusion that his/her business needs a meaningful online marketing presence.

I’m presenting you with a unique opportunity that is small or no budget proof because you can absolutely present yourself and conduct online marketing completely with a free start.

Don’t worry. Whether you have a new or old business,  or trying to start from scratch, there are plenty of steps you can take and tools you can implement that will cost you little or nothing in terms of money spent.

Something You Can’t Do Without (A Website)!

Whether you wish to start a new business from the table of your kitchen, or your business has been around for several years, a website is very crucial to your online marketing presence & success these days. This will serve as your online marketing base.

Once this is done , I want you to keep in mind that one of the most important goals of online marketing is to drive traffic to your website, so you’ll need a site that grabs visitors’ attention, keeps them focused and makes them come back again and again.

That means you’ll be needing a continuously optimized website. This will be an ongoing process; you may never reach perfection, but it’s something you can start working on and improving right now.

So what can I you do to make my site more appealing and visitor friendly?

1. Set up a simple & Easy to understand navigation structure.

This is a must do. Put yourself in your visitor’s shoes for a moment. Ask yourself what kind of user experience your website will provide.

When people start visiting your website, especially for the first time, some of them might become overwhelmed and confused. They may be dealing with outside distractions from work, coworkers, kids or spouse or may be distracted by something on the Internet.  If your website is confusing to them and hard to navigate, chances are they will exit to your competition.

2. Keep your images relevant to your message

Also make sure your images and other graphics don’t interfere with your goal of converting your visitors into customers. Keep your images simple and organized. . Don’t make the mistake many online marketers make of placing boring & irrelevant images on their websites.

Keep your copy and content lazar focused on the reader, his needs, problems and your solutions to it. This is what works.

Now The 2 Big Question

So if one of the most important goals of online marketing is to drive traffic to your website, then…

…How can I do that?

…What if I only have little or no money at all?

Plus the fact that you can start free with trustful programs like Wealthy Affiliate who offers you 2 free website and free levels of training, you can also take advantage of many of the useful tools that already exist out there.

I- Take Advantage of Social Media – It’s Free


Most Social media is free and a terrific tool for helping you drive traffic to your website. You use it for this purpose by sharing your links, likes and posts.

When your social media followers click through to your site, you have them on your website! Remember that this is your online marketing base. Getting traffic to your website is one of the most important steps towards online marketing success as I previously mentioned.

Imagine if you own the best restaurant on earth, with the best food and best chefs around, but located this restaurant on the middle of a desert, what kind of business or traffic are you going to expect? The same goes with you site, no traffic = no money, no matter what your site offers.

2. Leveraging The Power of Blogging


Using bloging as a tool to online marketing successFor the above strategy to work, clearly you need a website, The website nowadays can offer you many benefits and place you ahead of the curve. At Wealthy Affiliate as mentioned above you can join the free membership, get a free blog and all the training needed for a professional START.

Blogging is free, And a site is needed to take advantage of this important marketing feature.

3. Video Marketing – Proven Effective Tool


There is an impressive number of video hosting sites that allow users to upload and using vedios for online marketing successdisplay videos for free such as YouTube and many others. Millions of online marketers, including many on a shoestring budget and even beginners have enjoyed success in driving traffic to their websites through video marketing.

Even if you don’t have access to top notch cameras, you can shoot a good quality video with you simple smartphone video camera and do editing with basic, inexpensive software programs or with their free trials. Make sure to  Include your website address in your videos, and as you are speaking in the video viewers, invite your audience to visit your website.

4. Email Marketing


Email marketing is still a very effective online marketing technique. Many companies and online entrepreneurs alike are using it with outstanding results.

As is the case with video marketing and blogging, the same rules of effective, persuasive content marketing and copywriting apply to this way of marketing. You can have the most beautifully written, persuasive email that promises to send your click-through rate through the roof, but if your email never gets opened, it won’t get you the results you want. Get response is a very effective email marketing program you can use.

My Final Thoughts 

How To Succeed Online Marketing?

The primary goal of online marketing to convert. This means you have to successfully persuade a website visitor or prospect to take a specific action which finally results in a sale.

You can do this very effectively by using landing pages. A properly set up landing page helps combat the distractions so common on the net and focus your reader’s attention on what you want him to do and where you want him to be.

Conversions are a critical component of the online marketing process,  without conversions, your efforts will fail.

Are you financially struggling?

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