How to effectively Enhance Your Website SEO & Improve Conversions

Applying the right SEO and Finding keywords to generate great traffic to your site(s) is not as hard as you would think. All you have to do is to terminate the mindset that any old keyword combination will do. It most certainly will not because a keyword research strategy that focuses on customer mindset is guaranteed to get you enough traffic.

Therefore it is important from my point of view to Fit Your Campaign Around The Keywords, Not The Other Way Around.

The mentality of newbie website builders is nearly always something like this…

  • Pick a broad niche
  • Plug in the niche keyword
  • Grab the keyword results that are most similar
  • Create basic content around these keywords

Most times this practice leads to failure and a lot of them give up. I wonder why that is?


Here are some of the most important tips to a better ranking and a better money making successful website


How To Do SEO For My Website


Keyword Research part 2

Expand your brainstormed keywords list by analyzing what people are twittering on the web.

how to seo my website for better traffic

I’ve seen too many fresh marketers only look for keywords that seem to fit their idea of their niche, instead of what their target audience is searching for this is a recipe for a disaster. Keywords that seem unrelated or don’t make much sense to you might be very important to the topic for many of your potential customers.

Therefore no keyword idea should ever be eliminated unless it’s completely unrelated to your niche. Let the keywords that they search for be your guide to building your campaigns. Try not to fit the customer into your box.


Thinking Outside The Box a little

May be you should throw away the box you’ve been trying to cram your customers into altogether.

Such Boxes are not that much of good news in the world of SEO. If you are relying totally on a professional keyword tool to come up with keyword ideas, then you could hamper your business to the point where failure is hard to avoid.

To find the best and most relevant words for your market you need to make a point of thinking like your customers do, which means creating a character that will be the basic version of the person that you are trying to market something to.


Keyword research part 3

Analyze comprehensive data Along with external factors to create a final keyword list

good seo leads to better conversions

Just think of the products and services that you are marketing and work backward from the end point of a customer to figure out how the customer would arrive at your solution to his problem. Also keep in mind the mobile and voice searchers as well because Long-Tail Keywords are here to stay for a very long time.

These keywords will boost your chances of earning good income whereas the old style maybe give you a few bucks if any.

I hope this post is of a good insight to you all, if you still have any questions about How To Do SEO For My Website or any other topic in this site please feel free to contact me via the comment box below or the support page above.


Have a great day


Sam Ammouri


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