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So, you’re thinking of buying a website? If the answer is yes, then Let me  warmly congratulate you because this is truly the most exciting decision that will spice up your life How To Buy a Website Nameand enables you to do things you thought impossible before.

You can make a brand for yourself, take your passion and things you love doing and capitalize on them, turn them into money making machine. A new horizon will open up, a new life style will emerge and your life will become more and more exciting by the day.

Before Purchasing

When purchasing a website, don’t just grab anything, name it with something that you love, let it be your brand and your mark in this world. For instance if your passion is into flying, it is best when your website is named after that like… ( – (Flying Not all the time you’ll find the same exact match, but keep trying with related names till you find a good one that make sense. like (lets (home to and so on.

The price

The good news is that domain names are the cheapest aspect of a website, they range between $7  to  $14 in most places. Unless its taken and you have a jackass that wants to sell it for thousands.

What should I do before purchasing a domain?

I recommend that your do a little research before buying a domain,especially if this is going to be and important site that will carry your brand name and business wishes. This can be done using a quality research tool such as Jaaxy tool created by Wealthy Affiliate. Jaaxy it what I use myself when searching for keywords and domain availability and suggestions.

Jaaxy is a brilliant keyword research tool that will save you time and take you through the whole process of searching for your domain, picking the right one and take you to a state of the art hosting center of Wealthy Affiliate. All done in one place through this search tool below.


Once you type a name into jaxxy it’ll take you for a free account registry and you can use it free for 30 searches. It’s more than worth it, this tool will eventually become the backbone of your online business operations. See The stunning details of it’s suggestions when I searched for the title of this post, with colors it gives you what to use, to rank and to avoid. Without such tool you as well as your website will be dancing in the dark.

It also has the domain research, purchase and register feature, the sixth column to your right. That means With this unique tool you are able to look for, research, buy and host a domain, Amazing when considering having to separately go to all these places to do such steps. The time and money saved and the headache avoided is priceless.


Look at the stunning details jaaxy will give you


How to buy a website name jaaxy

How do I do this?

You can use Jaaxy above or use the site builder below, you can start with a free website or if you prefer you can buy your own domain. It’s always better having your own as you’ll avoid someone telling you what to have and not to have on your site. With Your own domain, you are the boss and the site is your to do whatever you wish to do.

The purchase process is very easy,  All you have to do is

  • log on to a domain registry site like Wealthy Affiliate or other webhosting company,
  • type the name you wish for your website into the domain registry tool,
  • see if it’s available, if not, try other related names like I mentioned above, and bam, here comes your brand name site.

Here is A website registry tool and builder below. Type the name of your website and Click your way to freedom.

again I recommend you Start with a FREE website, the smarter way to do it, then once you have the feel of things, you buy your own domain. This website will be hosted free at Wealthy Affiliate’s hosting center that is known for it’s lightning speed and quality hosting. You can do whatever you want with this site, its wise to start with something like this.

>>Go ahead… Build your site. Open up a new Horizon

Okay, I just built my website, what to do next?

There are so many things you can do with your website, you can post articles, take your passion out there and get followers and admirers all over the world, show the world what you’re made of, advance your career, advertise a service you’re god at. Use it for affiliate marketing and turn it into a money making machine, Sell your successful website and make tons of money. The sky is the limit for what you can do with a website.

f you don’t know how to start or what to do with your site, click here and see how I made my very successful start 3 years ago.

Wealthy Affiliate, the right way to a solid online businesses.

Hope this was of a great help to you, if you have anything to share with my visitors regarding this topic or If I can be of any further help to you, please write it in the box below or use the support page above for a swift answer.



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