How To Become Affiliate Marketer with Your Niche – see my 8 facts

Becoming an Affiliate marketer with your niche Is Exciting, Profitable And The Best online Marketing choice – Why? and how What Does It Take To Become a successful affiliate marketer ?

I assume that you already have a niche and want to invest it online with affiliate marketing. If you have not done so visit this page for full niche details.


The benefits of being an affiliate marketer with your  niche

  • The ability to start marketing from you kitchen table.
  • All you need is internet connection
  • Best of all – No inventory to buy,  or store to rent
  • No shipping and handling to tackle or aggravating returns & refunds to process.
  • No grumpy bosses or annoying manages to stare you in the face
  • No one to tell you when to come and when to leave
  • You’ll work as you please, and whenever is convenient & wherever you want
  • It’s free to start and to learn – a Free Website too.
  • Say good by to driving through icy storms and savage traffic going to work every day
  • I can go on forever

just hang on here for a few minutes, let’s work on changing your life as of this moment if this is what you are here in the first place.

Affiliate MarketingHow To Become Affiliate Marketer with Your Niche

Affiliate marketing as I explained in a few of my posts is the simple process of selling someone else’s products for a commission. 

Millions of people find this to be the most enticing and convenient way to make money on the internet due to the above reasons.

How to become an affiliate with your niche ?


To become an affiliate or whatever else that might be –  You have to learn it.  Lucky for you the internet created all these enticing opportunities and the internet itself will teach you the process of how these opportunities will work.

How to learn and start free?

Once you positively decide that this is what you truly want to do,  the next step is to understand what is it that you need to get this new exciting venture stand up on it’s feet and finally turning it into a profitable reality.

8 Facts to become a successful affiliate marketer with your niche

1. The first thing to consider when creating an affiliate marketing career is a Solid launch pad – (A website)

This is one of the most important technical steps to take. This is your virtual store online, functioning and being profitable without it is almost impossible, if others tell you otherwise please I beg you to defer.

This is the best way to place your offers, write and share your posts, reach the people anywhere in the globe, look at this way, if it wasn’t for this website, would you be here reading this ?


2. A learning source. We learn whatever we become


There is no exception to affiliate marketing or any other online opportunity, you got to learn the new things in life. Some people even still don’t know what affiliate marketing mean, let along taking it all the way to the online world and make money off it.

You need the right scam free place to learn first then you may successfully launch your new online venture.

3. Motivation – Can anyone start anything without motivation?


To me personally, motivation is the most important element to successfully launch anything important in your life. Yes, you may have it all, the money, the website, all the education in the world, but you lack motivation.

WARNING: if you ever start anything without enough motivation you will fail badly, please take a note of this… This is a NO NO START.


4. Conquer The Fear Of Failure


Many people are reluctant to start any life changing venture all to one reason – ” The fear of failure”.  When having enough training & endless support, fear should be the last thing in your mind.

So what if you start something and it fails the first time, I don’t recall any of the big manufacturers or inventors to have succeeded in their first tries.  Honda failed a few hundred times and never gave up,  so did Henry Ford and the Wright brothers , So did Newton,  and many others.

As a matter of fact, I myself learnt from my failures and mistakes better lessons than from those that came through learning.


5. Find your niche – “Your Passion Hobby”


Many studies proved that more than 89% of the people have succeeded whenever they started a  business or followed something based on their own passion and the love for it. If this is the case,  why on earth would anyone want to pick something outside his/her passion range chasing money if the possibility of failing is so high and dangerous ?

When you work with something you love the whole process becomes fun not work, you can go on forever with unstoppable energy, while you’d give up very easily when doing something you don’t like or want in the first place.How To Become Affiliate Marketer with Your Niche

So, this is another important element of success when thinking of affiliate marketing or any other career in your life.


7. Stay away from passive negative crowed


Nothing can be more devastating to your moral and motivation than being among a bunch of passive, negative losers around you. This type of people can have a tremendous & negative impacts on your creativity and your fight to break out and be different.  If you fail they’ll say ” we told you so”  and if you succeed they run towards you and ask “how did you do that ?”

Stay away from those during your efforts in paving the way to your success.


8. Take action, don’t delay Good Decisions


To me personally,  this is the number one enemy that stands in most people’s way of success, This is the real cause of most misachievements. Can you imagine that you have no problem of any of  the above points but your only problem is lack of action? I have no words for you other than you are hurting no one other than yourself.

The only difference between you and those who are too successful is nothing other than they are good at moving at things and you are good at delaying and making excuses.


How to become affiliate marketer ? – My Final thoughts


Affiliate marketing is very exciting and can make you serious money when taken serious itself. There is no cleaner hustle free opportunity I could think out there than can outdo this type of marketing.

If you agree with me with all the above points especially point #8 , and want to have a true life changing start then I want you to have a close look on where I started myself if a meaningful Free start, free website with all the education needed make sense to you now.

If I can be of any further help regarding how to become affiliate marketer with your niche please feel free to shoot me a message below or through my support page at the bottom.



Sam Ammouri

sam ammouri site owner

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