The Most Comprehensive Online Marketing FAQ

The most Comprehensive Online Marketing FAQ  I’ve ever wrote!. Hope you’ll find all the information you need for your marketing success. As I previously mentioned in a few articles,  I’ve been involved in online marketing for almost 10 years by now and  making money online for almost 8 years.

Yes indeed, it took me almost 2 years to master this thing and make money online, Thank God, I was Very patient!. During that time, I have been hammered with lots of questions. Today I want to clear some things up for everyone and answer any question you may have.

This includes…


  • making money online,
  • how does internet business work
  • And anything related to affiliate marketing.

My Comprehensive Online Marketing FAQ


Can I truly start my own online business for FREE? & What do I get as a FREE member?


This is exactly how I started. Yes you can get started doing online marketing and get started for Free. Keep in mind that this is only to get you started. There will be other costs associated with this and I will go over these costs in a few minutes. You are starting a business and there are costs to run a business, but so little that may not exceed hundreds yearly, this is absolutely nothing when comparing with the rewards.

Here’s how you can get started Free in seven easy steps

1.  Sign up for your Free account at Wealthy Affiliate

2. Once you there I will be in touch with you in the first hour to help and get you started down the right direction.

3. You will get access to over 500 training tutorials and videos

4. An exciting 10 lesson course that will get you started on how to make money online will be awaiting you.

5. You’ll get Seven days of free premium help and support from over 50,000 members including Kyle and Carson the owners of WA.

6. 2 Free websites will be waiting for you, this will enable you to start making money with right away

7. Access to the highest quality marketing and training tools available anywhere on the internet.

The wisdom behind starting out for free is that you are given the chance to test out the waters to see if you are going to like internet marketing or not. There is no sense in investing money into this if you unless you’re enjoying what you are doing.


Do I need to know anything about HTML OR coding to build my websites?


Not at all,  there is no need to know anything about HTML or coding when you are building your websites. You can have a fully functional website up and ready to add content to in  few easy to follow steps using WordPress platform that made building websites easier than making a cup of coffee.

Once you get more comfortable with building websites, then may be it would be a wise thing to learn an extra couple of codes but it is not a necessity or a requirement.

WordPress platform made website’s creating like a breeze

Yes you’ll be a happy online marketer, once you get in I want you to set your goals to the best one,  and that is to get to Las Vegas and hangout with the owners and the superComprehensive Online Marketing FAQ affiliates free, this only take a 300 sales a year, I want you to aim at this so that we can meet there and have real fun.

Building websites is fun and exciting. What a better way to make money by doing something that you enjoy and cherish.

You may want Grab your 2 free websites below and start getting paid for doing something you cherish for a change.


 I have no products to sell,  can I still create an online business that is  profitable?


I never have or had my own product since I ventured online. What I like about this business the most is that you don’t need to have your own products to make money.

 But There are a few things that you will need such as…

  1. Something you are passionate about or a hobby
  2. A willingness to work on something for may be  a few months without getting paid
  3. Enough of drive and determination to succeed
  4. Enough time and hard work

Did you know that there are currently 3 billion people online   everyday that makes purchases online? That is a whole lot of people and they are spending money everyday. If you could only cash in on a small percentage of these people you would be doing very good.

Affiliate marketing  started back in 1995 when it was by direct mail,  and to this day it is still one of the most favorite ways of too many marketers to make money online.

How does this work?

  1. You’d have to sign up with big name stores like Amazon, Ebay, Walmart and Target and many others such as Groupons, best buy and more .
  2. You start building your website out and creating product reviews.
  3. When you join an affiliate program you are given a code called an affiliate link. This is the link that you use to get paid.
  4. When doing a review of a product put your affiliate link at the bottom of the review saying for more information check…. and you’ll place the link that walmart Amazon gave you, if someone click on it and buy you get commission.

That is short explanation,  for a more in depth answer check out my article on Affiliate marketing

But Before you can do any of the stuff listed , here is what you are going to need…

After you have all of this you have the green light to go. You will be on your way to getting your own online business started at last.


Is it possible to make money with my FREE starter membership?


This question is so popular, I get asked this almost everyday and here is my answer. I’ve  seen several people make money from the starter membership it just takes them three times longer then it would if they were a premium member. Yes it is possible if you like to take your time, but why would you want it to take longer then it would normally do?Comprehensive Online Marketing FAQ

If you can afford it, you should definitely try out the premium membership. It is highly discounted at only $19 for your first month when you sign up through me as a bonus. And you can trim it down even further with special promotions such as black Fridays.


Is there any limitations on the Free starter membership after my first 7 days?


No,  You can use your starter membership for as long as you like. There is no time limit.  but You will lose access to  live chat, your blogs, and the discussions area after the 7 days period unless you upgrade by that time. You will also not be able to comment on any blogs or discussions.

Everything else will stay active and you can keep building out your website and you can still access all the training and tools that you started out with.

Again, your first 7 days are a premium member days and you have access to everything.


How long does it take to make money from my website?


This is the most popular and the hardest question to answer because everyone is different. I can tell you though I started making money in about 4 months. It was little but I took it as it was a learning period, the key to success is to have your mind in a locked mode never to give up, you will make it. I know that for sure.

There is other factors to consider as well

  • How determined and serious you are
  • How many hours a day are you going to devote
  • How passionate you are about your niche
  • How much research you are doing before you write about something
  • Are you hanging out with a negative crowed
  • How popular your niche is
  • How quickly you pick new skills up
  • How much previous knowledge you have of Internet marketing beforehand
  • Are you easily irritated


Do I Need at least some or any sales experience?


No, you do not! I am not a salesman myself even though I had 2 gift shops for a dozen years, People used to walk in, pick up what they need and I just ring it. The training at Wealthy Affiliate really does work and it will show you how to market your products to make them an easy sell.

It really doesn’t matter what age, race, gender, or whatever you are. You can learn this if you can follow simple step by step training lessons. I will also be there to help you out every step of the way.

Is a website a must have to make money online?

No,  it is possible to make money from using other websites out there. If you are good at writing,  you could be a free lance writer and get paid to write articles for websites, magazines and blogs, but the long term benefits come from having a website that you can use to create a long term money making business online and its the only time where you can establish your own brand. If you can establish a good brand for yourself, you are anComprehensive Online Marketing FAQ instant millionaire.

When you have your own website it is something that you own. It’s like your own virtual piece of real estate which will continue to rise in value,  the more you add to it the higher becomes the price. So my question to you is… why wouldn’t you want to have a website?


I tries to sign up for Wealthy Affiliate, but it says I already have an account even though I never had one


This phenomena has been happening quite a bit in the last few months and I wanted to add this here so that everyone knows what’s the scoop here.

 I believe there are 2 reasons why this is happening

  1. You either are on the same IP address as another WA member, this could happen if you are using someone else’s Wi-Fi or computer.
  2. Or You are trying to sign up to WA using the same computer as another WA member and the system is picking it up as them already having an account.

If neither of these reasons are the case with why you can’t sign up then you should send Kyle or Carson- owner of WA-  an email informing them of the problem and they will definitely hook you up with your own account. Use the email address below


How much money can I make with affiliate marketing?


The potential for how much money you can make is unlimited. You can have multiple streams of income coming in at all times . Did you know that consumers in the USA alone spent over 3 billion dollars online in 2014? That is a lot of money and it is only going to escalate in 2015. and now its 2021!

The potential for making lots of money online is unlimited. It all depends on you and how truthful and respectful and loyal you are to your wishes, dreams, future and destiny.

There is also a few other factors to consider such as…

  • The niche you are involved in
  • The way you promote your products and services
  • The percentage of commission you earn from the affiliate program you signed up for
  • How much attention you pay to and the ability to comprehend new information
  • how much skills of public relation you have or can you improve it when dealing with people even online. you need to have excellent customer service.
  • The amount of creativity you’ll have when taken outside the box

If you can manage such skills to perfection and answer these questions truthfully to yourself and your answers comes positive, then you are in to make lots of money online.


Does the training at Wealthy Affiliate really work and can you truly  make money Afterwards?


Yes the training works and it is awesome. If you can follow simple directions and are able to complete tasks. You will be on your way to having a very profitable online business.

Even though I really don’t like to resort to such methods of showing bank accounts and deposit numbers, but for your sake this time here is what I earned  in one weekend at Wealthy Affiliate.

I earned that day 15 credits of 78 dollars each credit so the math is  $15X $78 = $1170

Plus I credit of $114. so $1170 + $114 = $1284 for one weekend. not bad at all for someone who’s hardly there for 2 years, but this number is not a constant one, there is days when it’s less or more.

The WA training can also be used in any niche that you can possibly think of. I just have decided to go with the WA boot camp training and I think it’s the best training SOMEONE MAY EVER GO THROUGH!

If you are willing to take this seriously and treat it like a real business you could see your inbox filling up with money every day. The main thing you want to do is to stay focused on  helping other people and point them into the right direction.

If you help people out and give them what they are searching for they will buy from you AND MANY TIMES.


How do I get paid and how often?


If you mean Wealthy Affiliate you get paid at the end of each month by either Paypal, a check or electronic bank deposit into your bank account. For other programs it will vary depending on what affiliate program you decide to join.

The 3 most commons ways for you to get paid are

  1. PayPal
  2. Direct Deposit to your bank account
  3. A check through mail

Most affiliate programs pay out every 2 weeks and others only pay out once a month. For more details on exactly when you will be paid,  check out the affiliate program that you signed up for.

The first 2 options listed above are a free service. If you have decided on a paper check you will be charged a fee for this service. I would suggest you choose either PayPal if you can or direct deposit into your bank account, these are the two best ways for payments.


Is this Affilite thing legit?


Affiliate marketing has been around for almost since 1995 and it’s still the best way to make money on the online. With all the scams that are out there it sadly makes anything you do online look like a scam, honest people don’t know where to turn anymore.

I have fell for many scams that promise you untold riches in a few days with little to no work involved and the hardest 2 are the ones I mentioned above. There is no such thing out there and the purpose of this website is to help you avoid getting ripped off by these scumbags.

I tell you the real truth in my reviews. I then, let you decide whether a program is worth your time and money based on the information I have given you, and I leave the rest for your judgment.

I feel like I owe you to tell you the truth and protect you guys from getting ripped off and show you only the products and services that will help you make money after my butt was toasted with scams. You can even get started for FREE how cool can it ever be?


Can you help me get started?I am overwhelmed with all this information all at once


Of course buddy I am here if you ever need any help or have any questions for me, I wish I have the magic to be at your door steps every time you need me. I know how it was when I got started.

I needed all the help I could get and now I am paying it forward to help you guys out. I do appreciate all the help I got and this is the time for the pay back. Always the easiest way is when you leave a comment below. if you live in New York Long Island area I can even meet or call you, let me know that.


I hope you found all you looking for in this Comprehensive Online Marketing FAQ that took me a whole day to write.

In case there is any question that I haven’t answered above, then please leave them for me in the comment box below.  I would be more then happy to answer them for you and help you out. If you have any questions or if you just need a helping hand I am here for you. write me days or nights, I’ll get to you.


Your pal

Sam Ammouri

samater affiliates .com

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