Building a Successful Website With Business In Mind

Building The Successful Website With Business In Mind

Hi Folks,  I mentioned again and again in many of my recent and older posts, starting an online business is too FAR from being as easy as some make it sounds to be. It may take months and even years of patience and dedication to see the fruits of your hard work.

buildind a sussessful website with business in mind

The Mentality Part

Maybe, before you start any new website, it’s worth asking yourself a few important questions:

  • Is this a niche I’m genuinely interested in?
  • Would I genuinely want to keep going with the website even if it didn’t make any money?
  • Are there other people interested in this niche?
  • Can this topic be monetized?
  • Can I see myself sticking with this for the long term?

You need to be able to answer yes to each of those questions, otherwise you will come unstuck at some point. For example, if question one is no, it’s just going to feel like grueling work and ultimately you may give up.

In the other hand if question  four is no, it won’t justify any membership fee for your hosting and tools and you might as well just set up a free blog on and do that in your spare time for fun.

But having said all that, Question number 2 is as equally important. Even though the ultimate goal of a website is to make money in most cases, you still need to start from the point of doing it out of genuine interest in the topic till things start to naturally fall into place.

Don’t be surprised if Several months go by before you make your first sale, and it might be much longer than that before it makes a full-time income. If you are genuinely interested in the niche, it would make it much easier to pull through that period.


The Technical Part

Once you’ve answered yes to all the above questions, now you got the technical part to deal with.

You’ll need…..

  1.  A website
  2. Quality speed hosting
  3. quality content
  4. SEO (Search engine optimization training)
  5. professional keyword research tool
  6. support and general training


Question!  Where can I get all this, I have no clue about any of this lingo?

Answer:  fortunately there is a place where you can even start free to learn all the above plus 2 free website to start, its where I started myself, check the link below for my review of this opportunity, your life could change as of this very moment if you are truly interested in making a change.

Have you started your online endeavor yet?

See where I started and what I recommend for you here.

If you have any questions regarding  Building a Successful Website With Business In Mind  or any other topic in this site please feel free to write me through the comment box below or the support page above for a swift help.


Sam Ammouri

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