Black Friday At Wealthy Affiliates is Coming! … And With a BIG Bang!!

Yes, Black Friday At Wealthy Affiliates is Coming With a BIG Bang!


Hey Folks,

Most of you by now are aware of the Black Friday festivities that are going to be taking place here at WA later next week, but for those that are not I am going to walk you through this.

On Black Friday (November 25th, 2015) at 10AM PST we are going to be offering a tremendous discount on yearly memberships here at Wealthy Affiliate. From the days of November 25th – November 28th at 11:59PM PST, you are going to be able to get a yearly membership for $299 if you are either a monthly or a Starter member.

This is so worth it when you put it into perspective…

  • 49% discount on the normal monthly membership price!
  • $0.82 per day to run a business of any level/size online!
  • $24.91 per month for Premium access here at WA!
  • Much less than WA price 10 years ago!

There is nothing in the industry that comes close to what Wealthy Affiliate offer you here and are planning to keep it this way. In fact, if you have been around WA for any length of time you are aware of just how often it improve, evolve and innovate the platform/service/community there. No extra fee. No upsells. Premium includes absolutely EVERYTHING you need to soar high.

Wealthy Affiliate have some exciting rollouts planned in December. The first being FREE SSL for everyone. As the Internet moves closer to an “encrypted” world and Google now is starting to rank sites better that have SSL (ie, https: vs http:), this is something that you are going to need. Most companies charge $20-50 per site, per year for an SSL certificate whereas these are going to be completely free here at Wealthy Affiliates.

Moving through 2017 is going to be no different. WA have some incredible advances in the website and hosting areas that are going to be introduced in early 2017. They have some significant platforms and updates coming on every front, from new training, new designs, more help, and more efficiency for you and your business that is plus working on several relationships with industry leaders that is going to allow you to take your business to all new heights.

Best part, EVERYTHING is going to be included in your Premium membership at no extra cost. 2016 was a very successful year for many folks here and I’M so confident that 2017 will be by far the best year yet!

Who Can Take Advantage of This Offer…


Whether you are already a member, whether you are not a member. Whether you are a Starter member, or a Premium member. You are going to be able to take advantage of this black Friday.

MANY of you took us up on a Black Friday discount last year, you will be grandfathered into your $299/year price again this year plus we will be sending you all of the bonuses from this years Black Friday event.

Some of you are already on the normal $359 yearly price. For those of you that want to take advantage of this, you still can. You can purchase another year at the Black Friday rate of $299 and this will be tacked onto the end of your existing year. Then moving forward, you will be at the Black Friday rate in subsequent years.

So if you are interested in taking us up on this offer, make sure you are ready when the clock strikes 10AM on Friday, November 25th!

Why Go Yearly?

Those that experience the most success online (and at the highest rate) are those that give themselves enough time to succeed. Over the years I have seen many folks fail, but also seen MANY folks succeed.

There is one clear factor that really differentiates those that are vastly successful and those that end up failing. TIME!

People tend to want success fast, as in right this second, and that is not a reality. It personally took me 6 full months to make my first sale online and for some of you. But to build a vast skyscraper (a significant business) you have to be sitting on a firm foundation, and the first month(s) should be dedicated to building that foundation.

Yearly members are by far our highest achievers, have the highest success rates, and are generating the most income with their businesses because they are dedicated to their success.

Everything you need to create and grow an online business is here at WA. The only missing piece is you, your effort, and a bit of time. The yearly membership is your answer and will ensure that your path to success happens!

So next Friday, get ready to go yearly. It is an offer that comes once per year, and this specific offer will likely never be available again!

Click here for both savings and carving a new road to an exciting online financial security.


Sam Ammouri

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