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Today I’m going to address and answer some of the most asked questions regarding Jaaxy The Best keyword research & finder tool of all times.

  • what is jaaxy keyword tool?
  • what is jaaxy enterprise?
  • jaaxy affiliate
  • using Jaaxy for keyword research & finder

Plus a few other important things you ought to know as an online venture to place you on the right track from the very beginning.

Keywords Research is one of the most important pillars your website will need to stand on

Now that you’ve finally committed yourself to an online business There is a few things you ought to know before even getting out the door into this exciting but wild west style business adventure.

Keywords Research is one of the most important pillars your website will need to stand on. Ranking in search engines for the right crowed will be the bread and butter of your website including you.

The Target Audience – Your money checks

If you don’t know your target audience or what they are searching for:

  • In which way are you going to help them?
  • How will you get them to your site and read what you got for them?
  • How will you know if you’ll even rank for the keywords you’re trying hard to rank for?
  • No ranking = No money, No Website To be discovered
  • Trusting lousy scammy tools means death to your business

With the savage competition out there keyword research is the important element and could make or break your dream venture.

The Answer to this is incrorporate  the Best keyword research & finder of all times

So, what is the best answer for that you may ask? My  answer is –  an advanced keyword tool, like Jaaxy.

May be you’re probably asking again, “what is Jaaxy and can it really help me?” Well, in my opinion, it’s the best tool and it recently had an update to Jaaxy Enterpris which makes it even a lot better.

Look below, I just bough Jaaxy membership myself in 2/6/2016, I felt so stupid not to have don this a lot earlier, I was using the other Wealthy Affiliate search tool that is available free with the monthly membership fee there.

But this is far more advance, I can see how much money I’ve lost not having Jaaxy since the past 3 years when I joined Wealthy Affiliate. It’s only $19 monthly for the Jaxxy Pro. There is another More advanced Jaxxy upgrade called the “Jaxxy enterprise”  It gives you even far more details than the pro virgin. This new virgin is in my radar for the next move soon and YOU will be my witness.

Best keyword research & finder of all times -

Anyways,  lets continue with this review, I guess the best lessons we learn is from those that come from our own mistakes,  and the harder the mistake the better the lesson.

Before going any deeper, I’d love to go over A few things 

I found Most keyword tools out there really worthless. The best thing they’re good at is take your money. With the useless data they give, there is actually no value to it. I did searches with many tools out there that got me nowhere, even Google Search tool was not that much of value, I dumped it, I don’t know if it’s still there or not.

To me this is nothing but another SCAM. I mentioned this above, this is an exciting business but also has some of the jungle laws embedded within. This is the world where the strong eats the weak, you won’t be the prey when armed with Jaaxy,  I assure you.

Before Investing into a keyword research tool

4 important things I’d love if you watch out for when acquiring a keyword research tool:

  1. If it requires an install and download, Avoid it or do some research before going any further.
  2. If it doesn’t give you the results from all major search engines especially from Google, please turn it down. Most searches are done by Google.
  3. If you need to conduct more than one search to accomplish only one task after a hard work, trash it.
  4. If this tool uses Alexa to determine the levels of competition, Trash it.

What Is Jaaxy And Why is it the Best keyword research & finder tool Ever Built?



Best keyword research & finder jaaxy.


Created by two brilliant Canadian born friends Kyle & Carson Owners of Wealthy Affiliate of which I am a member since 3 years, and without a required downloads that sometimes have unknown intentions, and with it’s unheard of advanced features,  Jaaxy stood out to be the single most advanced keyword research tool among the rest of the pack.

Now Here is A few Good Reasons to why Jaaxy Is The Cream Of The Crop

1 – The Powerful And Fully Detailed Search Results

Using keywords research

When you decide on writing something about a product, a review or any post you wish to write, and  if what you are going to write is not going rank, then you’re doing nothing bust wasting your time, a hard work sadly for peanuts.

But when you have something like Jaaxy acting like your right arm,  all you have to do is enter the keywords you are after in this brilliant tool and get a complete run down on…

  • How many searches the keyword gets every month  – The keywords you target should preferably have no lesser than 50 searches a month.
  • How much competition the keyword is getting – The lower the competition the better the ranking. You should aim for keywords that have less than 400 competing pages.
  • Keywords Quality Indicator – How much sense this keyword has, some keywords make have a lot of traffic but writing them just make no sense. Jaxxy will give you a red or green light to let you know of that.
  • SEO power – This feature shows you the using a scale from 10 to 100, the possibility of you ranking for they key word you are after. The higher the number, the better the chance of ranking.
  • Domains – this feature shows you if there is a domain name available for this particular keyword in the event you might be interested in a website around this keyword.
  •  The related feature – this shows you other keywords that are related to the keyword you are searching

Jaxxy literally grab you from the hand and guide you into the right path. Just look as I searched for a keyword to review “Jaxxy tool” today,  what it came up with,  and see what I picked.

Can you imagine if I have to write blindly with no guide what kind of ranking would I have gotten? May be nothing!

Best keyword research & finder tool

You can even save all related & useful ranking keywords for a later usage,  or you can use in your post for even better ranking by using the blue save to list button you see above in the image.

2. The Deployment Of Multi Research Feature All Done At Once


And with a new time saving added feature,  now you can perform up to five searches all at once,  and dramatically REDUCE your search time. Nowadays, WHO want to spend 30 minutes looking into one keyword search?

See Blow what I used and saved for this post. Look at image below, see the traffic, the low competition (QSR), and the SEO power I’m After…. All Green, Amazing Huh?

Best keyword research & finder tool


3. The Deployment Of The Alphabet Soup Technique Into The Tool 

 Using keywords research

What the heck is the Alphabet soup technique? Is it a chicken soup? LOL

The alphabet soup technique is one of the most advance techniques to explore, find and deploy when keyword researching.

Alphabet soup technique – is where you enter your word or phrase of interest into Google’s search box.  and as you type in the word slowly,  you can see that each of the alphabets is returning some hints of related searches from inside Google.

Look at the image below for better understanding

Go into Google search box and type a complete word of an interest,  you’ll immediately start to see drop down suggestions, keep the same word in the box and start changing alphabets and placed right next to it,  you can do this from A to Z, you’ll notice that every time you change the alphabet more and more new suggestions keep coming.

Note. Do not hit inter as you type in the word into Google search box, these results pop automatically as you type in. Its called “Google Instant” created by Google in 2010.

This is ideal when you search for a website niche,  or what the public is searching for in general. Have you ever heard of Google instant?, this is it. Below images are what’s called Google instant.

Lets pretend we are researching the word Research… and see what happens below.

Jaxxy the keyword reserch tool of 2016

Look as I added the letter A to the search- more suggestions

Jaaxy interprise is in market

Lets Add the letter B now

Jaxaxy interprize yields the best keyword search results

As I said above,  you can research anything you want,  and zoom on what people are searching for till you find what exactly pleases you.

Once you’ve done with this, grab the winning word or phrase and enter it into Jaaxy for a complete analytic surgery.  Get the winning keyword and save other USEFUL related suggestions that are green lighted for future deployment into your website’s posts and pages, THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO RANK,  and may be then you can watch the money as it is slowly generated,  if you precisely follow the given advice through.

The good news is that Jaaxy 2.0 now does the whole process for you. You don’t have to bother with Google any more,  Jaaxy now have everything you need.

4. The Site Rank Feature


This is where you can check your website ranking for your target keyword/phrase anytime you want.

Here is an example:

Best keyword research & finder tool

All you have to do is to enter the keyword and the URL of the post, stick it in the box and hit Enter, Jaxy will tell you if your post is ranked or not, the page number and the position on the Google’s page.

Results in deferent Jaaxy virgins

Jaaxy FREE Starter – will take you through the first 5 pages of Google’s results.

Jaaxy Pro- Like the one I just bought –  will take you through the first 10 pages of Google’s results page.

Jaaxy Enterprise – the latest and ultimate upgrade will take you through the first 20 pages of Google’s results page.

5. Jaaxy Affiliate Program

Not just you’ll get the first in Google’s pages when using Jaaxy, you can also promote the tool and end up making some considerable commissions and solid residual income.

Here is what you’ll be getting for promoting The Tool

Promoting Jaaxy Pro

Whoever joins Jaaxy Pro from your referrals you will receive $8 (monthly recurring) and $80 (yearly recurring)

Promoting Jaaxy Enterprise

what is jaaxy enterprise?

Jaaxy Enterprise was created for the “those who want real success”, people that want their work done and want it done now. In saying this, no other tool has been so powerful, no other tool is as appealing to such a large clapping crowed , I can also assure you that no other tool will bring more value to your business like the Jaaxy Enterprise. Regardless of the nature of your business, if it has an online presence , you need Jaaxy Enterprise.

Who ever joins Jaaxy Enterprise from your referrals,  you will receive $20 (monthly recurring) that is ($200 yearly).

You will be receiving monthly commissions as long as your referrals are still within the program as premium paying members.

6. The Ownership


Jaaxy was Created By Kyle & Carson,  two of the Most ethical humans that is so hard to find in the online world. They also own Wealthy Affiliate university that is helping tens of thousands of people to build the right websites to the right niche and pave the way to ensure your ultimate online success.

kyle and carson WA Owners

kyle and carson

7. The Domain Name Search

If you take a look at the full jaxxy image above,  you’ll notice a column for domain to the right side. This should dramatically help you decide on a domain when you like one particular keyword that may be a perfect match to your niche passion.  With this feature you can click and check if there is an available domain for this keyword, then you can even register it at Wealthy Affiliate with few simple clicks.

So, in a matter of minutes you could have a website of your own live and kicking, and ready for action. Did I forget to mention that at Wealthy Affiliate they have all the training in the world available to guide you into a thriving online business?

Put this one in your mind Please.

If you look at the picture as a whole for an online business you can immediately realize that what you truly need is one place like Wealthy affiliate to conduct and find all you need to start a successful online business, all packaged in one ethical scam fee place.

Never again will you you have to go to one particular company to buy a domain, then another for hosting then another one for training. Can you imagine what you’d have to pay for all this?, Not mentioning the headache and the technical requirements associated with the need to transfer these domains and sites from one place to another. At WA you’ll do it all  with a few simple mouse clicks all from one safe place.

Let’s go back to our domain topic before we get lost here, wooo Man!

For example:

Let’s say you searched for the term “online best opportunities.”

Jaaxy would spit:

  • estimated traffic
  • 10 to 20+ keywords
  • Average monthly searches
  • The (QSR) stands for Number of competing pages
  • KQI –  keyword Quality Index – red/yellow/green – green means good, red means it sucks), yellow means so,so, in between
  • SEO Power- The chances and ability for this keyword to rank, using the scale of – 1 to 100 – 1 is lowest)
  • Domain availability

And if that was your absolute keyword with an available domain preferably a .com,  all you’d have to do is click it, Jaaxy will take you to a domain registry where you can purchase the domain name.


As of 2/1/2016 wealthy affiliate has a domain unit of it’s own, this is where jaaxy more likely will take you. It was connected to go daddy before.

Amazing how easy things are getting nowadays, don’t you agree? I’m sure some of you still remember how it was 15 years ago.

 What I Like About Jaaxy


  • The free membership – 30 free searches per month, you get more searches if you recruit people even if they don’t become paying members
  • Only $19 for the Pro membership – not bad considering how awesome the tool is
  • The ability and the speed to perform up to 5 searches all at once
  • No need to download or install anything
  • No negative online reviews at all – that alone speaks loud
  • It’s amazing ability to produce 25 plus other keyword ideas and their data with just one click
  • More mazing features
  • Data accuracy is very impressive

What I don’t like

I used my free jaaxy searches, it was very impressive, this is why I decided to get the pro only 3 days ago, I have not yet ran into anything wrong to mention, lets see what happens in the future. you’ll be the first one to know.

Once one of my fellow members at Wealthy Affiliate wrote in the forum there that he would run into some glitches from time to time, something I’ve never experienced or heard about from anybody else.

What Is The Price for Jaaxy?

There is 3 memberships you can choose from.

Jaaxy Starter – This membership is FREE. The Starter membership will give you a taste of what this monster has to offer. 30 free keyword searches with all badly needed data.

Jaaxy Pro – This is what I have for now, the price is $19 per month or $199 per year. You get all the searches you want with every single SEO detail you need for ranking.

Jaaxy Enterprise – is $49 per month or $499 per year. Jaaxy Enterprise is without any doubt the greatest tool you can ever use for your website,  with far more details, features and the blazing speed of up to 10 times faster than it’s sister the Jaaxy Pro

Prices may change at any time.




Final Thoughts

To be honest I lately don’t buy things as easy as I did before,  I learnt my lessons the hard way, I tried THE FREE Jaaxy for a few months,  its benefits were priceless,  that’s why I went ahead with the purchase .

Up to this minute I haven’t have the honor to meet another search tool that would outdo Jaaxy, so, I can till you with full confidence that this tool is the best keyword research tool available online today. The recent update to (Jaaxy 2.0) really makes it an obvious top choice.

We all want something clear and easy to use, I can confidently tell you an 8 year old kid can run Jaaxy as clever as I can,  it is really that easy to use,  even for a beginner who doesn’t know anything about keyword research or keyword tools.

Jaaxy website offers video training to help you out if you still think you need more help.

Jaaxy  Recap

Name: Jaaxy – Jaaxy Pro – Jaaxy enterprise

Website URL:

Owners: Kyle and Carson

Price: $0 Starter – $19 Pro – $49 enterprise – per month ( Pro $199 – Enterprise $499 yearly).

Rating: 90/100

My final Verdict: 100% Legit!

Create your 100% free Jaaxy account now. You’ll get 30 free searches. No strings attached.

If you still need any clarification of any of what I covered about the Best keyword research & finder tool of all times , please do not hesitate to write me in the comment box below or use the support page for my swift answer.

Now try Jaaxy for free here, you have 30 free searches, just see the power for yourself.



-Sam Ammouri

sam ammouri - site owner

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