Affiliate Marketing For The Beginners – How To Start From Scratch

Affiliate Marketing For The Beginners – Let’s Start From Scratch & Free!

By Sam Ammouri


You are not on this page because of some type of magic happened, you’re thinking of doing something online. And to be precise,  you seem to have given affiliate marketing for the beginners a deeper look, and may be wondering how can I start from scratch.


If so,  I have very good news for you… And that is…

Affiliate marketing is the #1 choice among most people thinking of stating some kind of a business online due to the fact that it is very simple, carries no inventory, done from home, all you need is a computer, or a smart phone, a website, some training of course and you are ready to go.Affiliate Marketing For The Beginners

But the most common problem you’d face as a total beginner is how & where to start or which way to go,  I don’t blame anyone,  when I started I was very confused myself,  And fell for a few scams before I finally got things straight.

If you want to know how to do this from total scratch, here is what you should do right now…

Start where I started myself for FREE?

Would you like to start totally free, website free, training free.  The way I did it, All you need to run a successfully online business for zero money? Then once you see success you can turn to a premium member for more benefits and to take your business to another level of success.

3 years ago has lapsed since I started my online marketing career, I started from scratch myself, I had no clue or anything about the other corners of the online world other than paying my bills and buy a few stuff from Amazon.  I was a dishwasher at some point in my life, then a waiter, some mail marketing in between, then a gift shop owner for 10 years and finally I made it online since 3 years ago.

I Truly was a computer Illiterate

I didn’t even know what affiliate marketing means, let alone mentioning website building, that was something impossible even to think about, I thought this thing only belongs to the very highly educated and the computer Geeks, but boy was I  so wrong!  in 3 years I’ve turned all the tables around and made the highly educated and the Geeks ask me for help to establish an online presence.

Thanks a million times to a place called Wealthy Affiliate – Where I got all my training, and my start was completely and still free to others till this date.

Now I build website like this one you are at now, write SEO advices, Have many affiliate programs working for me, I’d lie if I tell you I want more.

My Thoughts

If you truly interested in taking your idea, a niche, or a passion you have, and want to invest in it and make money off it, there no better place than the online world to market,  and no better door to knock than this door. for your start. ways to affiliate marketing

It’s where I started myself, it’s legit, spam free environment, scam free, no upsells, all the training you need, the website, hosting and buying your domain all in one place. So,  in a few clicks of a mouse you could have yourself ready and running, and in a few months from now you will never be the same, just stay the course, set your goals, learn and stay determined, you will get to where you want. I did,  so thousands of other members here at WA.

To achieve your goals you have to Knock on The Right Door and work hard on your dreams.

If I can be of any further help to you please leave me all you need to know in the comment box below, or you can use the support page above.


Sam Ammouri





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