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Sam Ammouri- owner of smarteraffiliates.com

A Bumpy Life Story

An Ex Dishwasher

My principle and ideal for work and business is this: “Freedom = Time + Money”

I believe there is no such thing as a get rich quick system, or I would have found it by now. Believe me I’ve looked hard. The only thing that can accomplish that is winning lotto, or inheriting money from a rich Grandmother. Any genuine venture takes some degree of effort and some time. There’s no way avoiding that.

While there is so much to learn in this business, it’s great to be learning new skills. Not a day goes by where I don’t score new knowledge.

Little Bumpy Life

I never had an envious life, in fact I went through a struggling tough one more than you think. I came here to study but wasn’t financially lucky enough to finish my collage degree. I worked as a waiter for many years, it never was what I wanted to be and vowed to get out of this hole.

During the late 90s I almost bought every crappy money making program possible then, but sadly it was one scam after another, I lost a lot of money buying these programs and the worst scam I fell into and lost $3600 was Don Lopre’s 900 psychic numbers.

I’m sure many of you still know who this guy is, everything finally caught up with him and he was charged with over 45 different kinds of fraud, he committed suicide a few years ago in his jail cell in Arizona while awaiting trial.

Finally It Came & Went

One important thing I learnt that The only difference between you and a very successful person is nothing other than he keeps moving on things and you keep making excuses

That’s when I made that move and teamed up with one of my fellow workers and managed to open 2 successful gift shops between the year 2003 and 2005,  and for the first time I started to taste what living a financial freedom is like until Hurricane sandy of 2012 came and took everything with it. again I found myself really helpless and for the first time I slipped into depression.

sam ammouri- owner od smarteraffiliates.com

Waiter in one of the restaurants with a lovely parrot

Its really not that easy to start this thing all over again plus the fact that my partner left to another state and it was too difficult to do anything without. Often were the nights when I wasn’t able to sleep thinking about everything combined with the fact that I’m not that young anymore doesn’t really help much.

The Hunt Was On Again…

In One sleepless night I logged on to my computer and started looking for an online opportunity. I know deep in my heart that the online world business is a very tough one, I read about it before and knew that %98 of those who tried an online venture have failed.

But as for me there was no other choice, I couldn’t go back to work for anyone after myself being an employer for more than a decade. Taking orders from another human now is totally out of the question.

Got Scammed Again

During my search I bumped into this website called Success with Anthony and soon discovered it was a scam. I only lost $49 for the initial membership and when he turned his upsell phone vultures on me and started to ask how much I’m willing to spend and how much do I have in the bank for such opportunity I knew this was a blunt scam and better run away and now not tomorrow, that’s what I did exactly.

The Relief Came Again

A week later I bumped into another opportunity that is called Wealthy Affiliate. To be honest it sounded a little different. And the more I read the more trustful I became and the more ethical they sounded, and when I checked on joining,  it was for free,  no credit card or any information other than your email is needed. Then there was those 2 free website and some free training, I decided to join since there was nothing to loose.

This truly was the best decision I ever made for an online opportunity after the so many previous scams I swallowed before. The more I read in that site the more positive things I ran into.

I went through the free training and wasted to time in taking advantage of the 2 free websites they offered and turned them into an Amazon stores,  one selling watches and the other selling cameras for Amazon. All that without paying one single penny, but of course as I grew bigger and bigger I had to have my own website and turned to a premium member that has endless benefits and services and unlimited income potential.

I came a long way since I joined wealthy Affiliate 3 years ago, by now I’ve built 15 websites mostly selling amazon products, I also opened a Google AdSense account – If you’re not familiar with what Google’s AdSense is – AdSense is a banner Ad by Google you place in your website after opening a Google AdSense account and you make commission every time someone click on it, I will be teaching you how to do this in my pages and pots in this site.
Here is A Google AdSense below and it comes in all different shapes and sizes.

Looking forward To place you on The Same Path

I think this is enough about me and I’m looking forward to have you here and teach you everything I learned the past 3 years about affiliate marketing and the way I used this knowledge to gain a complete financial freedom from the internet.

It’s true that thousands of people try to make it online, therefore, they join the many different programs out there,  but sadly,  the majority fail. Now what you need here is not just to join a program, but also to know “why is it that only a few would succeed and what is it that they did different to get to what they are at right now”.

Very Glad to have you here and more glad to start helping you, I know what is it like, I’ve been there numerous times, I’m very happy to be where I am now and be happier if I place you on the same successful path.



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