13 Most Important Steps to Rank Your Content & website

Knowledge of the most important steps To Rank Your Content & website is a must when thinking of running an online business through a website.  There no website without ranking. It’s like having a restaurant in the middle of a desert. Ranking means traffics and traffic means money, therefor it is extremely important that you give this part your full attention.

Here is The 13 Most Important Steps To Rank Your Content & website


13 Most Important Steps to rank Your Content & website

1. Quality Content

Quality content means useful and indicative content that can help your visitor whether your are describing a product or offering a service or educational lessons.


2. Research Targeted Keyword

Look for keywords that have high search volume and low competition. This can be don with a quality keyword search tool. This is the one I use, it’s called Jaaxy, and its considered to be the most advanced keyword search tool ever built.


3. Research the (SERP) Competition for Targeted Keyword

Even if the keyword is that of low competition  it is important to ensure that your competition isn’t the big guys. Double check the SERP’s and make sure you aren’t competing against big players.


4. quality keyword research tool

Not much you can do without a professional keyword search tool. How can you tell the low competition keywords, or whom are you competing against and so much more. A good keyword search tool is as important to your site as the gas to your car. I’d be dancing in the dark without mine – See Below- try it free


5. Write Posts with the Targeted Keyword in Mind

To rank well in search engines, you must include keyword in your title and once within your content, after that… don’t worry about it. Make sure your content is broken down into smaller segments like you see in this post (along with headers) so it is easy and comfy to read.


6. Customize Meta Description and Meta Title

Make sure your keyword is in your meta title and meta description.
Meta Title Length should be at: 55 Characters
Meta Description Length should be at: 160 Characters

7. Place Images within Content

Use images that correspond with your post. There are many good free places to find your images. I recommend that images who are above the scroll are justified to the right.


8. speed up your website right theme and hosting

Website speed is one of the most important necessities to avoid visitors drop outs and reduce bounce back rates, what sense does it make if you have thousands of visitors flocking your site daily but your site is too slow for them and therefore the majority will leave somewhere else. This is the last thing you want.

Make sure to have quality hosting and professional theme for your site. A good theme can dramatically speed up your website.


9. Use Internal Links  between your pages

From an SEO point, interconnecting your pages and posts with internal links can dramatically increase your search engine ranking, Since this will make easy for search engines to easily navigate your website. It Also give the search engines a hint that you have a quality content in your site to direct people to instead of pointing them outside (out link) for more information.


10. Share With Social Media

Once done writing your article, share it with your favorite social media platforms especially Google+ because whatever you post in Google+ proved to positively help rankings


11. Fetch as Google inside Google Webmasters Tools

You don’t have to do this at all times, but for SIZABLE articles (that has more competition) go to Google Webmaster Tools and fetch your article’s URL as Google. This is located at:

Crawl … Fetch as Google > then click the ‘submit to index’ button.

Not sure if Google still have this feature in 2021


12. Publish your articles at steady paste

Frequent publishing keeps you visitors more interested in coming back,  and search engines will reward you with better ranking. And your site will look more authentic and professional.


13. Make Videos Related to Your Posts and Place Them In Hosting Sites like YouTube & Others

If you are comfortable making your own videos . Why not create videos based on your article and post it on Instagram, YouTube and others. Make sure you add the URL related to your article within the video description. Once this is done,  go ahead and embed it on your article in an appropriate space.


Most Important Steps to rank Your Content & website –  My Final thoughts

This is the constantly changing digital world, sleep with one eye open and never let your guard down on your competitors. This is your online business and future and you should always be up to date on what’s happening around with technology and competition alike.

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I do Hope my 13 Most Important Steps to Rank Your Content & website was of great help to you, if you need any further help please leave me your questions in the comment box below. You can use the support page above as well.



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