Smarter affiliates- Revealing The Secrets Of Affiliate Marketing

Welcome To smarter affiliates – Home of learning and Revealing The Secrets Of Affiliate Marketing. My ultimate mission in this website is to help you as much as I can,  in anyway, shape or form,  and guide you into a very successful online venture and to make you understand there is no such thing as a get rich quick system, or I would have found it by now.

 Scams! I had my share! thank you!

Trust me I’ve looked hard and got scammed a few times like many others over this mirage chasing get rich quick thing,  Then I realized the only thing that can accomplish such thing quickly is winning a lotto, or inheriting money from a rich Grandmother. Any genuine venture takes some degree of effort and some time. There’s no way avoiding that.


Revealing The Secrets Of Affiliate Marketing

Me and my sweetheart back in the days

My principle and ideal for work and business is this: “Freedom = Time + Money”

Revealing The Secrets Of Affiliate Marketing

I’ll be using this website as a dummy training and promoting site to teach you how to promote products such as amazon and other as well as promoting Wealthy Affiliate. All you have to do is just read some of these product reviews and see how it goes like.

It’s really easier than most people think. I’m working on an article to show you in details how to make a successful money pulling product reviews, just check this site again for this article

If you don’t have a niche of your own, don’t worry, you can always promote Wealthy Affiliate by joining their Affiliate boot camp training where your income can be limitless depending on the amount of you efforts..

Things will start to make sense

While there is so much to learn in this business, it’s great to be learning new skills. Not a day goes by where I don’t score new knowledge. 

Once all this start to make sense to you then click here  to learn more about and or directly join this Opportunity and start your dream of making online money. This is exactly what I’ve been doing since the last 10 years. It’s the ultimate freedom from almost everything!

Never Forget!

Never forget that Nothing comes on a silver plate,  we sometimes need to take tough decision and leave the comfort zone to change our lives to the better. Yes, it’s nice to dream,  but at one point you need to think outside the box and turn this dream into a reality.

 Where I started 10 years ago

Revealing The Secrets Of Affiliate Marketing

I built 20 small niche websites since the past 10 years Most of them are affiliate sites promoting products of  For your piece of mind here is 2 of these sites you can visit and have some idea how this is being conducted.

>>Best olive oil buy 

>>Useful and poplular

Can you also notice the Google ads all over this site? this is also part of the money making tools you can incorporate in your site just like you see it here,  its so exciting to see the daily money report. Are you excited? You will learn how to do all this.

Click here to see how and where I started

Keys To Online Marketing Sucess

Most Recent Product Review Posts. read and take notices

Just read these reviews to have the feel of what you will be doing. it is very easy, you will be trained step by step how to do all this.

Read More Useful Topics

Again I warmly welcome you to smarter affiliates – the Home of learning and Revealing The Secrets Of Affiliate Marketing ,   I hope you enjoyed your Visit,  and love to see you here again and again as I’m slowly building up this site.



Your pal

Sam Ammouri


Sam ammouri - site owner

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